Last post of 2011 – Happy new Year

Over the last 6 months since this blog was started I have met some wonderful people, been to some exciting places and formed some lasting relationships with Brands and fellow bloggers.

This year started with me being chosen as a QuinnyCaster for the new Quinny Buggy, leading to other exciting opportunities, such as attending Lollibops festival and meeting Dani from Blog By Baby and Liz from Hart of the Munchkin Patch and the lovely Paula from Tutu Sweet.

Emmys highlight of the event was meeting Peppa, George, Ben and Holly and becoming very over excited.

We have been lucky enough to attend Disney HQ with Huggies for a special screening of the Winnie the Pooh Movie where we met Lauren from The wonderful adventures of Spud and Spike and Paula from Mummy v’s Work.

We have attended live stage shows of ‘In the Night Garden’ and Peppa Pig, been to Peppa Pig World and had an amazing holiday at Coombe Mill in Cornwall.

Emmy experienced her first ever train journey during some of these amazing experiences and has since been on a train nearly as many times as Mummy now – our very experienced travel she is becoming and loving it.  It was during a recent journey into London where I finally met with the lovely Donna from Mummy News and I have even ventured into London alone a few times for evening events – something I usually wouldn’t do.

We have even played our part as Secret Agents with Pushchair Trader on a few occasions now and been part of the judging panel with Zoflora’s Christmas competitions.

2011 has been a very mixed and different year for us and we hope 2012 will be just as exciting. 

I can reveal that this blog is 6 months old on 8th January and I will be revealing a competition or 2 in the new year for you all as well as continuing our journey with the new Quinny Yezz.

All that remains for me to say is Have a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR from us all, see you in 2012 for lots of fun and …….

I am still looking for a sponsor for Brit Mums live 2012 is anyone would like to kindly sponsor me?

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