Last post of 2012 – a round up of this year

Well another year has flown by and the years seem to be going far too fast – I need them to slow down – I don’t want my babies growing up too fast.

This year has been another great year for us, exactly 1 year ago we had a chat and decided it was time for baby number 2 and as I now type this on New Years Eve our 2nd baby is wide awake on his play mat now 10 weeks and 3 days old.

This was a rather uneventful month, this Blog was 6 months old, we were all rather ill and my car was written off while on my first day in my new job, this was also the day I miscarried for a 5th time.

This was Emmy’s 2nd Birthday and she was ill for it falling asleep mid way through her birthday party. 

This month I let you all in on a little secret rather early.

We had our 12 week scan and told Emmy the exciting news and we saw the end of our role as a QuinnyCaster.

We went to see ITNG live for the 2nd time with Emmy and she loved it and this Blog made it to the final 10 in the Sainsbury’s Blog awards – we didn’t win but was nice to make the finals, we were also nominated in the MADS awards but didn’t make the finals.

We had our 20 week scan and revealed the sex of our baby.

This Blog was a year old so we celebrated with lots of competitions and a Blog make-over, we went to see Roary the Racing car at Silverstone, Emmy started swimming lessons and I met Tamzin Outhwaite at a wine tasting event.

I made it to 30 weeks pregnant and we had another great fun day out at the Lollibops festival in London.

Emmy had her first day at pre-school and I didn’t cry which did surprise me!

This was a very busy and exciting month, I was made a Cosatto Brand Buddy yet the most exciting and memorable has to be the Birth of Harry on 19th October.  We also became Poundland Ambassadors this month too.

The whole of November is a bit of a blur as we were adjusting to life with 2 children and realising just how busy and hectic it was.

It was the season of illness and Harry ended up in hospital with Bronchialitis twice, we also made the top 50 Baby Blogs (number 36 actually) and got our highest ever tots100 score of 174.

It has been a great and busy year, I’m now a very very proud mummy of 2 beautiful children and couldn’t be happier.

I’m looking forward to next year now and wish you all a


One thought on “Last post of 2012 – a round up of this year

  1. What a busy year. I am expecting my second baby in July and am not sure how I am going to manage with my two year old! Argh! I hope Harry is feeling better and hope that you have a very happy 2013!

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