My pregnancy days may be far behind me but that doesn’t stop me looking around longingly at products I hadn’t discovered when it was my turn, don’t worry Paul if you are reading – I’m certainly not broody at all, our two are more than enough for me.

Recently I was introduced to a company called Le Petit Bola and their Harmony Ball which is a pregnancy necklace. It was something which I instantly loved and knew you lovely readers would too.

What is a pregnancy necklace I hear you asking?

The Harmony ball is of Indonesian provenance. The Balinese pregnant women wore this pendant during their pregnancies to protect their baby and in the western culture mothers wear these necklaces to help them to create a special bond with their baby.

How does it work?

These necklaces are worn to help mothers form a unique and special bond with their child, a bond starting while they are pregnant.

During pregnancy, the infant’s hearing is starting its development from around the 4th month. The small copper balls secured safely inside the Harmony necklace produce a melody that will rock and calm the baby. The chain of these necklaces are long so the jewel sits nicely on the wears bump. The baby will learn to recognise this soft sound during pregnancy. This familiar sound can be used to help soothe babies after birth too.

There are different styles of Harmony Balls available in different forms and varying colours. Expectant mothers can choose their jewellery in Silver, silver-plated, copper-clad and many other styles, including those set with Swarovski crystal or a coloured jewel.

The chain length is completely adjustable meaning it will fit everyone and adjust to all stages of your pregnancy to sit in the correct place.

A lovely baby Shower gift

These would make a wonderful baby shower gift. We all know just how hard it can be to buy something a little different from the norm and something they don’t already have.

Baby items are all good and well but I prefer to give the mother a gift and then the child one later once born. But finding something for Mum is often hard, you can’t give her favourite wine, certain smells may trigger off her sickness and smellies well that’s something Grandma’s give them for Christ, as isn’t it!

These would be truly unique and I can guarantee it’s not something she would have thought to buy herself.

A little more about Le Petit Bola

Le Petit Bola is a French brand launched by 2 friends in 2016  from a small apartment in France.  They have since grown quickly – they now have their own office, the team is growing and the word spreading about their beautiful pregnancy necklaces.

If you love these as much as I do then you could win your own Le Petit Bola pregnancy necklace of your choice. To enter please fill in the rafflecopter below. This giveaway is currently open to UK residents only and will close at midnight on 10th March.

Good Luck.

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photo credit @lepetitbolauk.


  1. Selfishly…I’d keep it for myself, we are trying for baby number 2 and I think this is just beautiful. I don’t like baby showers (I didn’t have one as I was so anxious about people feeling like they had to get me a gift) and my besties are the same but if I had any coming up this would take the anxiety out if the gift buying for me as it’s so sweet and thoughtful.

  2. Me, please! After trying for so long, we’ve recently learnt that we’re expecting our second baby! I heard about these bolas last summer (though I heard they were from Mexico?) and thought they were a lovely idea, that I wished had been around for our first pregnancy.
    I’ll be dropping heavy hints about these in the run up to mother’s day that’s for sure!

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