Leap Frog – Touch Magic Learning Bus – Review

Emmy loves it when the door bell rings in the mornings and she sees the postman at the door, she knows it’s nearly always for her and to be honest she gets cross if it’s something for me.

When she unwrapped a package from Leap Frog she was very excited and sat straight down to play.

She had received a Touch Magic Learning Bus which is a cute bus shaped learning toy aimed at children age 2+

This toy works by touching sensors so there are no buttons as such to press which also means this toy is extremely thin and very lightweight, making it easy to carry around from room to room as Emmy does.

It is fun, musical and engaging which helps to hold Emmy’s attention well.  Usually learning style toys are tossed aside quickly in this house in favour of role play toys such as her doctors kits and toy kitchen – this one is an exception to that rule.

She loved  the keyboard on the bottom of this toy as she can run her finger across from one side or the other and hear the key changes – something which can be tricky for little fingers with key style buttons, the wheels are symbols which she loves.

The Touch Magic Learning bus has 3 modes of play – Learning, Letter exploration and Music.  It helps to teach young pre-school aged children letter names as well as the letter sounds, focuses on helping with early vocabulary, animals and instrument names as well as sound and creative music style too.

This is very versatile and one learning toy Emmy hasn’t lost interest with straight away however she does find it extremely easy so when it asks her a question she can automatically get the answer correct – maybe that’s why she likes it so much? 

She can recite her alphabet with a little help and is beginning to recognise the look of the letters and match the pictures to the letters – any toy which actively encourages letter recognition through fun play is a winner in my eyes and Emmy really likes this toy.

Priced at £19.99 it is an affordable toy which Emmy certainly enjoys.  You can buy from the Leap Frog store as well as numerous retails listed here.

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