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Now Emmy is 4 we have been making a conscious effort to not only read to her, something we do every evening before bed as well as during the day; but we have started pointing out letters within stories, sounding them out and getting Emmy to repeat them.
It’s time to start teaching her letter recognition and to read.  Leap Frog recently sent her the LeapReader to try to encourage her and so far it has been a hit.
The LeapReader doesn’t remove the adult interaction with comes with reading stories to young children as this is so important, it adds a new dimension to the reading and the learning.  She does now have the option to use this to read them alone if she wants to as the pen when placed over the book in certain places them reads the story.  Emmy (and I) prefer to sit down together and use this together.
The LeapFrog LeapReader Reading and Writing System costs £39.99
and comes with a pen and a book and 2 free downloadable audio books, a Trivia Quiz and Learning songs which is worth £15! 
Additional titles are available to buy with over 150 books, games and songs to choose from. 

LeapReader, LeapFrog
Some of the titles available
To set up the LeapReader you need to connect to a computer and set up a parental account for your child’s device.
You can then download your free audio books and browse other titles and music.  You can choose to download music or audio books direct to your device which work without books – these audio books are priced at £3.50 each and once you have paid and downloaded are yours to keep forever.  I have already purchased Little Red Riding Hood and The Three Bears (one audio) & Sofia the First for Emmy to listen to.  You are able to manage your downloads on your computer so if you have a few you are able to remove and rotate them from your device.
To listen to Audio books on the LeapReader you need to press the home button, pressing it once allows you to listen to your audio books, pressing twice brings up the music option and three times gives you the trivia option.
You can then choose which audio book (music or trivia challenge) you wish to listen to by pressing the left and right buttons, and then you press play (the triangle) and you’ve the option to pause too.
Once I had shown Emmy a few times she was able to shuffle through these very quickly and was soon switching tracks and choosing her own stories.
To use with the books you need to plug it into the computer and then click on the front page of that book which will bring up the option to download the audio to accompany it.
Downloads are very quick which is perfect for impatient children.
The pen is a perfect size for little hands, chunky with large easy to use buttons.
The books have easy to identify symbols which are identified on the first page with the symbols and writing and then displayed as symbols on each page.
The LeapReader helps children learn to read and to write.  The book it comes with has traceable letters at the back and there are other titles which are designed to help with writing. 
I have also bought a set of Learn to Read phonics books to go with this for Emmy – they were on offer from Amazon reduced from £24.99 to £11.45.  This means we are able to sit down together for longer and read together and at  the same time Emmy is learning (although don’t tell her – she just thinks we are having fun!)  The Phonics set 1 comes with 6 titles:
  • Casey Cat Has a Hat (focus – short a)
  • The Best Job (focus – short e)
  • The Fix-It Kid (focus – short i)
  • Leap Hops, Pops & Mops (focus – short o)
  • Leap Scrubs Up (focus – short u)
  • On the Go! (review)

We are really liking the LeapFrog LeapReader and while it is initially on the more expensive side it is something which can grow with your child and their ever growing learning abilities with the vast library available to add on with this.

Bonuses features (both fantastic from a parental point of view) are: it can be charged via USB and your child can use with ear phones if they want to – which this isn’t great for learning and reading together it is handy when they are listening to the songs – believe me they can get annoying on repeat!

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Disclaimer:  We received the LeapReader in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts and opinions are our own.  I purchased the additional audio and books.  The Above contains affiliate links for convenience.

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6 thoughts on “Learn to Read with LeapFrog LeapReader Review

  1. I love the sound of this, it's great spending time helping with reading and writing, but when you've got one who wants to do it all the time (not a bad thing by any means!!!) it's hard to find the time.

  2. Love the sound of this, as you say something that grows with your child. We've just got the LeapReader Junior and its proving a big hit with Layla and Gracie. x

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