Learning through play – A look at Emmy’s Birthday games

It’s safe to safe my daughter isn’t the most academic type.  She really isn’t keen on School and tries her hardest to avoid any sort of homework.   She already has the excuses nailed, I’m tired, I’m hungry, I need the toilet, can we wash my hair?  You name it and she will find an excuse.

Reading she will just about do at a push but it almost needs forcing, she is get distracted too easily.

With her birthday approaching I am using this celebration to introduce her to fun but educational games which we can all play together.

I posed this question on Facebook asking for games suggestions:

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We have been loving playing a few games in the evening as a family and now she thinks those are great fun I would like to slowly introduce some more, ones which require a little more concentration and teach her at the same time.

Using the suggestions given above and browsing the sales I have a nice selection wrapped up for her birthday.  There may seem a lot in her birthday haul but these are to be enjoyed by us all.

Here is a sneak peek at what she has (thankfully she doesn’t read this blog and I won’t be showing her this page – Dad you’re not to either!!)

Junior Monopoly, Shopping Trip, Guess Who, Tell the Time, Rhyme Robber

We’ve also gotten her a LeapPad Ultra and some games for it too, as well as the entire Barbie DVD collection, well you are only 5 years old once.

Now I need to decide what cake to make.

Are there any other games I have missed which you think are MUST HAVE ones for our building collection?

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