Lelli Kelly Shoe Envy

We’ve all seen the adverts, the sparkly shoes and the must have mobile make-up cases.
Ask any School age girl what Lelli Kelly’s are and she will most likely sing you the song and tell you which she is desperate to have.  Emmy certainly has been for ages.
Infact it happened again a few weeks back the advert appeared and the please Mummy started,  you can imagine just how thrilled I was to recieve an email on the same day from Jacks Shoes asking if Emmy would like to choose a pair of new season Lelli Kelly’s.
I knew which to choose as she had only just asked, the Princess Bar shoes.  I didn’t tell her they were coming and she danced around the room on opening them. Then of course they went straight on.
I have to admit to having serious shoe envy almost immediately,  who wouldn’t love sparkly beaded princess shoes?
Because the base colour of these shoes are white they go with most outfits.  Perfect for livening up trackie bottoms or perfect with a dress.
With velcro fastenings they are easy to do up and undo for little fingers.
These feature Princesses made from beads on each shoe, beautifully made and if looked after they will last.
I’m trying to keep these shoes clean,  not something which is always easy with white shoes sadly however if looked after the will last a good while ( well until her feet grow!)
Of course the lure of the make up was a hit when Emmy had friends over to play and they all had pink Princess hair! Even Emmy’s Frozen Anna style head didn’t escape untouched as she now has all over pink hair,  and poor Harry had to do the School run with his hair done too….thankfully it’s washable and he really didn’t care.
Each pair of shoes comes with a Lelli Kelly accessory, we were sent a selection to show you.  As you can see there is the newly advertised hair wand which has a pink colour block inside – clamp in onto your hair and brush down for a block of colour, there is a mirror on the back too.
The Tablet pulls out to reveal lipstick, blusher and eye shadow and the glasses flip up to reveal your make-up and the brushes are the arms of the glasses. 
Priced at £49.99 these have a canvas upper and make a very beautiful summer shoe which goes with all outfits.
Disclaimer: We were sent these shoes for the purpose of this post, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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