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A while ago I was approached by a new company asking if I had any travel plans with Emmy in the near future, at the time I had plans to visit Emmy’s God Mother in Scotland, however this fell through but I had just booked a family holiday to Coombe Mill in Cornwall so I was interested to see what this new company had to offer.

Firstly I was interested to learn the history behind Travel Tots.  It is owned and run by Kimberley Berry a Private Maternity Nurse who often through work has had to travel with the families whether in the UK or abroad, it was part of her job to pack for the child, ensuring all needs were met and everything needed was packed up.  I have had to do this too as a Nanny I have often travelled with the families on various different hoildays both abroad and in the UK so I know how difficult it can sometimes be to remember everything whilst also making sure you told take up too much of the luggage allowance or car space. 

Travel Tots offer a service where you can “pack” your bag online choosing from a huge range of nappies, wipes, food items, bathing, feeding, swimming, sleeping, medicines and lots more.  You add the items into your basket and they are then securely packaged up and sent direct to your holiday destination in time for your holiday! 

Kimberley offered me free service charge, p&p and a very generous £50 to spend on travel essentials for our holiday with Emmy.  I was rather excited by this and busily browsed their website rather spoilt for choice – this is what awaiting me in the hallway of my holiday cottage on my day of arrival (well after I tore open the packaging to see if it was all there):

I managed to get quite a lot for the money!  I included the essentials such as Nappies, wipes and cream, Medicines, Emmy’s favourite snacks, shampoo and bubble bath and spare dummies and even a travel potty (not that Emmy is potty training yet but I do make a point of having a potty around and she sits on it before her bath).
I was very impressed with this service as after ordering I had a phone call from Kimberley herself saying a flavour of the Cow & Gate purees was actually discontinued and asking if I wanted to choose something else instead.  This also gave me the opportunity to chat with Kimberley and we had lots in common through our working backgrounds.  I also recieved emails updating me of my delivery status and informing me when the parcel had arrived at its destination safely.
To use this service you just register on the website filling in your holiday destination details and arrival date, you then fill your basket with your products and checkout,  p&p is clearly stated as is the service charge, once you have paid for your items you need not worry as they will be delivered in time for your arrival at your chosen destination, well packaged and secure.
You may think the service charge and the p&p seems a little high however consider the baggage allowance when travelling abroad and the fact it saves you carrying around heavy full packs of nappies and it no longer seems high at all. (well not to me anyway).
I certainly would you this service when either travelling along with Emmy or travelling abroad.
You can visit www.traveltotsuk.com for further deatails or to view their fully stocked shelves.  You will also find them on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. Kimberley from Travel tots personally rang us to check Clare's parcel had arrived and that we were OK to put it in the property ready. They clearly take their orders seriously.

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