Less mess is always a winner in this house #RibenaMinis

Ribena Minis less mess

I am pretty sure I am not alone here, I hate taking drinks out for the children in my bag as I have lost count of the amount of times they’ve not put the lid back on their drinks and it’s spilled out all over the contents at the bottom of my bag, and the first I know about it is having a wet leg as I walk along.

I have a cupboard full of kids juice cups, these change as they get older in both style and size but there isn’t one I have found to be 100% child proof and leek proof.  It’s annoying as buying drinks when at a farm, play area etc. is obviously more expensive.  I do still take our own my I have to double bag them in carrier bags to make sure our don’t ruin yet another of my bags.

I was recently introduced to the new Ribena Minis with new less spill cap and it has change things for the better for me. These bottles actually work and of course the kids couldn’t wait to try this out fully.

Here is Harry with the lid off of his drink holding it over my brand new cream sofa cushions….I may have been holding my breathe at this point BUT even with the cap off they don’t leak *PHEW*

Ribena mini's

He looks a little too pleased with himself her for my liking, of course had he squeezed it would have come out over my cushions.

I have also recently put a ban on open topped cups in my front room as I am beyond fed up with the amount of spills I have to clean u every since day, the kids insist every time that they will be careful and don’t need baby cup but then 10 minutes later I am once again running for the kitchen roll and the Dettol spray as there is another sticky mess on the table, floor and sofa.  Just how they manage to cover such a vast area is beyond me but every single time they do manage it.

They bottles have changed my thinking on drinks in here for the children and as long at it is in these I don’t mind as I know that when they spill they (note I didn’t say if they spilt), then nothing will spill out no matter where they have placed their bottles.


Harry has been poorly this week so we had a sofa picnic lunch and as you can see he doesn’t put the lid back on his drink, usually this sight would see me packing him off to his table and chairs or to eat in the kitchen but this time it didn’t, nor did I head to get the kitchen roll ready!

These new less spill caps seal tightly so nothing can be spilled inside of a bag and even when opened they only release liquid when lightly squeezed or sucked on.

Both Emmy and Harry struggle to open these caps themselves so need a little help, you have to push in a little button and push the cap up to open it.

These new bottles are available in 3 yummy flavours: Brilliant Blackcurrant, Oh So Yum Orange and Amazing Apple & Mango. Harry prefers the Orange flavour ones and Emmy the Blackcurrant.  Each flavour contains real fruit juice and no added sugar, this makes them an appealing choice for our outdoor adventures and even lunchboxes.

They are available in 200ml and 250ml bottles, and as they are resealable if any drink if left over I can pop back into my bag without the fear of losing the contents of my bag or having to wash/bin another bag.

Since the kids have been introduced to these my usage of kitchen roll has decreased which can only be a good thing and I am now able to worry less about spillages. Thanks Ribena!

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