Let the potty training commence

I am thrilled to announce our new Ambassadors role to you, with perfect timing we have teamed up with HUGGIES Pull-Ups.
Harry has been showing a keen interest in using the potty recently so this really is a perfect partnership for us.
With him just having started pre-school potty training is something I don’t want to push too quickly as he is still settling in and I don’t think he would ask to go to the toilet and I don’t want him upset with lots of accidents as this may hinder any progress we make.
At home we’ve been having lots of naked bum time and he is doing really well using the toilet and the potty, he has even begun to ask to go occasionally.
At 2 and a half he isn’t quite ready to embark on the transition fully just yet as he has full wet nappies when out and doesn’t ask to go.  We do ask him but always recieve the same answer.
The HUGGIES Pull-Ups team are going to be on hand to help us when the time is right and have experts available offering hints, tips and advice.
When we start there will be no more nappies here day or night as it confuses children to be told they are big boys (or girls) during the day and then at night revert back to a nappy at bedtime.
We will be using HUGGIES Pull-Ups both during the day and at night throughout the potty training journey.  HUGGIES Pull-Ups are specifically designed to help make potty training easier!  The new learning linier inside HUGGIES Pull-Ups allows toddlers to feel wetness foe a few moments, before quickly drawing the moisture away.  Helping them learn the difference between wet and dry and ultimately teaching them to stay dry on their own.

HUGGIES Pull-Ups Night Time provide extra absorbency and increased protection during the night without having to revert to nappies which can result in giving your toddler mixed signals.

 HUGGIES Pull-Ups are the perfect tool for potty training and will help you and your little one say goodbye to nappies.

I’m hoping Harry takes to potty training just as quickly as Emmy did but time will tell on that front, after all my children are so very different but I know I’ve lots of support around me with this new role and of course I’ll be sharing our progress along the way and Harry is more than happy to take on this new task especially if every he receives cake (we attended a training day with Huggies Pull-Ups and cake was on offer – this made for a very happy Harry).
Are any of you embarking on this journey now or soon?  If you’ve any questions you would like answered from Potty Training Expert Amanda Jenner just let me know and I can have them answered for you.
Disclaimer: I’m a Huggies Pull-Ups Ambassador.  As always all thoughts and opinions are my own

19 thoughts on “Let the potty training commence

  1. I'll be starting this journey at some point, but my daughter isn't ready just yet as she seems to have no idea whats happening down there just yet! Will be reading with interest to pick up some tips!

  2. Huggies are really good, my son uses them. I'm bypassing the potty with my son, he has autism so he's still learning and we've gone straight to the toilet. It's difficult!

  3. Good luck with potty training. I found my boys found it a little harder to master but they all get there in their own time. We used pull ups and they were a great help along the way.

  4. Ahh I remember potty training days very well!

    Actually it wasn't too painful. We tackled it in the summer when she could just run around in the garden with no clothes on!

  5. Good luck!! Just go for it, my little boy is potty trained but not through the night yet and he's nearly 3, it was a bit of a stressful process but I'm sure he'll do you proud. Well done on being a Huggies ambassador, how exciting!

    Helen (popping over from blog support comment thread)

  6. Seems such a long time ago for us now! I think staying calm was the key – not letting the kids know that you were slightly panicking about them not having an accident anywhere……Good luck!

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