Are you level headed or heading for a mid-life crisis?

Do you ever look at items in the shops/online and think well the younger me would have purchased that without a second thought?

There are so many times recently when I’ve been searching for something practical and thought – Crickey, just when did I age so much? I mean yes I do really need a new kitchen bin and need to sort the storage solutions in each room but really? It’s just all so boring and dare I say it – middle aged?

I guess it just happens, I didn’t wake up feeling older over night but since the kids arrived I have definitely grown-up, matured even, and as much as I hate it – I have become sensible *Sobs into my coffee and counts down the hours until I can swap it for Mummy juice*.

There is a fun quiz over on the I Just Love It website which will see you answering multiple choice questions to see if your lifestyle will see you heading towards a mid-life crisis any time soon, of course it is just a bit of fun so I guess I shouldn’t take it too seriously when it tells me I’m a Train Wreck – only kidding I played around with my answers to see some of the other options available – I am actually heading for a Classic Crisis.

crisis quiz1You’ll find 10 multiple choice questions, select the answer which best fits you and she what your results are. I’d love to know what it says for you!

crisis quiz3
Although, what was wrong with 80’s hairstyles? Kidding obviously!

Mid-life crisis

SO there it is, I’m putting it here so when in 6 months time I’m driving to school in a red convertible thinking ‘where on earth with I put the kids’ and wondering if the boot really is an option I can say I had no choice – I just had to do it. My Classic Crisis made me. Now you know which type of mid-life crisis you are heading for you are also able to order your personalised mid-life crisis book ready!

Although, its more likely I’ll be popping a holiday on the credit card and getting passports for the kids if I were to have any kind of mid-life crisis in the near future.

If you’d like a bit of fun and would like to see what this quiz says about you then you can find it here – and don’t forget to share the results with me so we can hold each other back from buying a yacht and jetting off around the world – unless of course we win the lottery tonight in which case – BON VOYAGE!

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