Liar Liar Pants on Fire – Debunking your Mum

Growing up I remember my Mum telling me all kinds of tales to get me to do things and eat certain foods and being a young child I of course believed her.

It’s only when you get older do you actually wise up to these old wives tales and stories and you swear you will never use them yourself and white lies aren’t necessary as a parent.

Fast forward many years and I find myself using exactly the same white lies with my children and I sound more like my Mum every single day.

I bet I’m not alone here either – time to fess up which of these have you used during your parenting years?

Eat your carrots they will help you see in the dark.

Spinach will make you strong like Popeye.

The Tooth Fairy won’t leave money for dirty teeth.

It does seem like a lot of these are elaborate white lies our parents used to get us to do things they wanted.

With the help of science (and his lovely assistant Common Sense) have a humorous Infographic which is calling BS on these white lies……but which actually did have an underlining truth to them? Check out the infographic for yourselves to find out. 

I bet between us we could come up with a lot more of these white lies.

Which are your favourites to use?

I often tell the kids that

“the people at Netflix go home at 9pm so they can’t watch any more until morning.”

“I have their teachers telephone number and email address and will be sending them a message regarding their behaviour tonight!”

“The shop isn’t open yet – when they want to spend their pocket money at 7am on a Saturday morning”

There are a whole list of others BUT remember Mummy always knows best and Mum is always right!

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