Life On The Go and making the most of life

Prior to having the children I pretty much lived life day to day, or at the very least week to week.  I was working as a Nanny and living with my parents still in my early twenties – life during the week was designated to working however I worked a 4 day week with Friday being my day off…..It’s long been known that Thursday’s are the new Friday and that was certainly true for me.

I would stay with Paul at his parents from Thursday night until Sunday evening, and on many occasions I wouldn’t actually go home until after work on the Monday.  We would usually have dinner with his family on the Thursday before heading out for drinks with friends.

It I wasn’t with Paul on Thursday’s I would be out to dinner with friends and then head to his on Friday after a day of pampering myself, shopping or sleeping in until lunchtime – I would have to eave the house for work at 6.20am so a lie-in was always welcomed.

Weekends would be spent dancing in clubs, eating in restaurant’s and shopping. I’d think nothing of entering a club at 10.30pm and not leaving until 4am. We would holiday whenever we wanted – long weekends in Holland, Rome and even Cornwall all booked at the last minute, we went to OZ for 3 weeks and even America for 2, and honeymooned in Egypt for 2 weeks.

Obviously, once we got our own house things changed and we went out a lot less (read that as hardly at all…..houses are rather expensive), we got married and had children and life became all about them.

Friends disappear a little when you have children and they don’t, no-one wants to head out with nappy bags and prams in tow for a girlie day, especially if those don’t have children themselves. I’d have to cancel at the last moment due to teething children, sickness bugs and chicken pox.

Things which I have never had to deal with before would surprise me: leaking breasts, colic, nappy explosions and heartburn & indigestion – things which pre-children never bothered me at all, and that’s not even factoring in sleep deprivation.

Thank goodness that children grow up and the hard baby years pass.  Now Emmy is almost 7 and Harry is 4, I am finding that life is once again changing.

We’ve ditched the prams, they can handle the odd late night and we can have spontaneous holidays and days out again.

While things will never be the same as they were pre-children, I would not change a single thing and I far prefer my life now with my little sidekicks to explore and adventure with me and they can join me in having fun.

Paul and I abseiled our local church pre-children…only recently Emmy and Harry took on the climbing wall at KidZania.

Life on the go

Paul and I climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge pre-children, I can’t wait for the kids to be old enough so we can climb the O2 as a family.

In 2014 I jumped from a plane when I participated in a charity skydive and loved every minute of it. You can see my video here.

skydive-01Only last month we as a family went indoor skydiving, It was SO much fun and Emmy especially loved every minute of it. You can watch our video here.

Life of the go

The kids seem to love life on the go just as much as we do and I couldn’t be happier, it seems they really do love all the fun and adventure.

To make sure we are always on top form and ready for adventures I like to be prepared for these fun days out and have my bags ready accordingly, for myself and the children.
In my bag I always ensure I have:

  • Small change for the car parks
  • Oyster card/contactless bank card – for when we just feel like jumping on a train
  • A spare portable phone charger
  • Drinks for the kids
  • A small snack for the children should we be stuck in traffic, delayed or they are just very hungry
  • Calpol sachets – you never know when kids will fall ill
  • Rennie because I do not want to let indigestion to stop our fun
  • Paracetemol
  • Tissues
  • Wet wipes
  • Spare clothes for Harry (just in case)
  • Travel sickness bands for Emmy (and me) and she has started to suffer
  • Paper and Crayons

Knowing we are all set for our next adventures at the drop of at hat is always reassuring but the question is – what will that adventure be?

“This post is in conjunction with Rennie® but all thoughts are my own”


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