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Emmy has always been an ok sleeper and I have been a very lucky Mummy.  She slept through for the 1st time at 10 weeks old – please don’t hate me I know this is unusual and if i’m lucky enough to have another I doubt very much it will happen again.

She has however always been an early riser, usually awake around 6am – 6.30am.  Recently this has become earlier still which is never a good thing.  I think it is to do with the fact she has a street light directly outside her bedroom window making her room rather light all the time.  I have tried thick curtains, double lined curtains and even a black out blind but even that didn’t work as her window is 6ft wide by 4ft deep and the blind still let light into the sides and over the top – so effectively was a complete waste of money.

I saw these new blinds advertised and just had to try them for myself – well a 5.30am start will do that to anyone!! I tried them out on the same day they arrived and was completely amazed – Emmy slept in till 8.20am Woo Hoo!!

So what’s different about these blinds and how do they work?

Lights Out Blinds fit most windows. They are 1m x 1.2m in size and come in packs of two. For larger windows more blinds can be used, and for smaller windows the blind will sit around the frame. No size adjustment is necessary.

A small, neat storage bag means they’re easy to put away when not in use and to pop into your suitcase when going travelling. Simply wipe with a damp sponge if they need cleaning.

To put them up: unfold the blind, stick the sucker to the window and pull the cord to tighten. For deeper recesses, easy-to-use extension rods are provided.

To take them down, unstick the sucker, squeeze the sides together as if folding into a tunnel and the blind will then collapse. 

This is Emmy’s bedroom at 8.30am!! Very dark still

You can find Lights Out Blinds on Twitter and Facebook

Competition Time
Lights Out Blinds have very kindly offered my readers 2 of these fantastic blinds as competition prizes.  These retail at £34.95 and are so easy to put up and take down that ours will be be going on holiday with us very soon!
For your chance to win one of these great blinds (there will be 2 winners) just leave a comment below telling me why these will improve your night/day – don’t forget to leave me a comtact name or email.
Bonus entries will be given for:
  •  Copying this quote onto Lights Out Blinds Facebook Page here tagging me so I know you have done so “I need to win a good nights sleep with @Emmys Mummy (QuinnyCaster 2011)”
  • Tweeting “I need to #win sleep with @LightsOutBlinds & @Emmys_Mummy”
Please leave a seperate comment below for each completed entry – 3 seperate comments for 3 entries.

75 thoughts on “LightsOutBlind Review & Competition

  1. getting kind of worried that Maya will be joining the cows in search of THEIR butter every morning due to the fact that they are just across the drive looking in through her velux's bright and early…SO please choose me to stop Maya leaving home,,,:)

  2. My husband is bad at DIY and our bedroom blinds have gaps down the side so the light gets through disturbing my sons sleep and wakes him every morning at dawn (and me!!) These would cure this for me @Bobbity666

  3. just for that extra hour sleep in a morning £34.99 would be money well spent.
    In fact wining this item would be a bonus
    Amy Hinchliffe

  4. these would help improve my day as they would mean I could go to sleep in the day when I am on nights at work! I can never get to sleep if there is light in the room!

  5. this would realy improve my day as I wouldn't be woken up early in the morning by grumpy boys, although they sleep well during in the night they get up early, meaning they are still tired and grumpy, making me grumpy!


  6. this would help my 4 year old greatly as hes autistic and wont settle t sleep unless its really dark and calm so atm it takes him hours to fall asleep 🙁

    my fb name is sarah clegg

  7. would love to win one of these as my kids find it hard to go to sleep when it is still light out and wake up reaaaaaaalllllly early in the summer!

  8. – Ooh! A lie in for the first time in almost a year! I'd ♥ to have a duvet morning with a cuppa and a slice of toast whilst baby has a lie in too! Ooh bliss bliss bliss 🙂


  9. I have problems sleeping myself and it looks like my son is going to follow my lead!! It would be great to get some help early on!!

  10. I have problems sleeping myself and it looks like my son is going to follow my lead!! It would be great to get some help early on!!

  11. copied and tagged you to lights out blinds wall. we could also use these in stroppy teenagers bedroom on ians days off hopefully our lovely stroppy teenager will wake up in better mood…. trust me stroppy teenagers are terrible when running on no sleep so x2 situations solved with the 1 item BRILLIANT !! X anita X

  12. Holiday Cottage.We had a french guest could`nt sleep with any light at all in the room (Street light outside)
    Took me over an hour to make a temp blind, looked terrible and had to stay up for the whole week, night & day as too awkward to refit on a daily basis.
    This blind would have been perfect!

  13. I would love to win one of these blinds. I could then use them at Coombemill if any of our guests wanted them for the bedroom windows. Great that they are portable and fit different window sizes, ideal for us. Fingers crossed!

  14. this is a brilliant item, ian has just recently started shift work, he finds it really hard in the day when he has to try and sleep after a long 12hr night shift, everyone needs their sleep, especially when you have a 12hr shift ahead of you, this item would work wonders for him X anita X

  15. my daughter doesnt get that just because its light does not mean she can stay up until all hours or its time to get up 4.30am 😮 So the lightout blinds would be a god send to a very sleepy mummy.

    you have my email x

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