Lightspeed i-Helicopter #Review

Paul loves gadgets, if it’s new and is different then he wants to play with it.  It goes without saying that he was very keen to have a play with the Lightspeed i-Helicopter when it arrived a few weeks ago for review.

Unboxing this toy I was surprised at the size of it – I’ve shown it here next to Harry’s baby monitor for size comparison.

Lightspeed i-Helicopter
Before you can play with this toy it needs charging which you do by plugging it into your computer or as we did by plugging into our phone charger.
Lightspeed i-Helicopter

You need to download the App to your phone for this to work as your smart phone or iPad is the controller, plug in the infrared control to your phone and your ready to go.

I’ve tried for ages to get a video of this in action however it’s been impossible and I’ve admitted defeat.

By using your phone you can direct the i-Helicopter up and down, left and right and backwards and forwards.

I’m yet to be allowed a play with this toy as Paul say’s it’s his and he wants to master it himself first.  He is finding it a little difficult and crashes often (he won’t like me telling you that).

To master this you really need a big open space to avoid the crashes – while it isn’t necessary and you can play in your front room it is best until you get the hang of it.

When fully charged it only flies for under 10 minutes, which is why Paul is yet to master it fully.

Paul really likes this and has been showing it off to anyone who visits.

This has a RRP of £59.99 however is available from Paramount Zone for £27.99

Lightspeed i-Helicopter

Main Features of this Lightspeed i-Helicopter are:

  • Controlled by your iPhone or Android phone!
  • iHelicopter includes TURBO button for when extra speed is required
  • Controlled by traditional controls on the App user interface or with motion control (tilt your phone!)
  • Phone controlled helicopter Approx 20cm in length
  • Just download the free App on the apple App store and Android market
  • App name: “Copter Controller”
  • i-Helicopter can be controlled in all directions
  • Crash resistant material reduces crash damage
  • Spares included in the pack and extra spares available if required
  • No extra batteries are needed
  • About 9 minutes flight time per charge (charges from the included USB cable)
  • iPhone helicopter charge time: About 25-30 minutes
  • Recommended for ages 14 and above

Disclaimer:  We were sent this toy for the purpose of this review, all thoughts are our own.

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