Lillipops Review

As you know I am currently pregnant again – I am almost 11 weeks gone now but what you probably don’t know is I have been struggling very badly from morning sickness – although why it’s called Morning Sickness is beyond me as for me it is all day sickness or afternoon and all evening sickness!  In fact it got so bad last weekend that I actually called in work and took the day off to go to the doctors – I am now on Anti-sickness tablets 3 times a day.

I have been sent a product which has been helping me through the periods where I can not eat or drink and need to stay hydrated.  This product is Lillipops, which are iced soothies/lollies.  They are designed with pregnant ladies in mind and help to ease the symptoms of dry mouth, heart burn, acid indigestion and nausea. 

These are great.  Kept in the freezer for when I’m feeling queasy I reach for these lollies and the refreshing taste has helped to ease that horrid, yucky sicky feeling, especially at 4am when I’m starving but know if I eat it will end in disaster.

They come in 5 different flavours:
Revitalising Lemon & Mint
Refreshing Grapefruit & Tangerine
Soothing Ginger
Energising Lime & Vanilla
Calming Camomile & Orange

The other great thing about Lillipops other than the simple concept which actually works is the fact they are made with NO artificial colouring, sugars or flavouring meaning they are perfectly safe to enjoy during pregnancy.
Lillipops were founded by Denise who struggled very badly with sickness through all 3 of her pregnancies – even ending up in hospital through dehydration with one of them.  She discovered ice helped her to feel better and rehydrated however she was craving flavour still – which is when Lillipops were born and named after her daughter Lilly.
You can buy Lillipops online from the website – they are available in packs of 20’s for £6.96 + P&P and if buying more than one box you get discounted P&P or you can get them ordered into your pharmacy.
These are definitely worth a try if your suffering like I was – they really have helped me.
You can also find Lillipops on Facebook and Twitter

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