Lite Brite Review – Retro toys making a come back

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Having been home SO much recently with no real place to escape to due to lockdown, my children have spent far too long glued to screens and devices.

I’ll freely admit that mainly it’s for ease for me and them. I needed to get work done and left to screen-free time they bicker and fight and constantly need my attention…I get it. While they are 8 and 11 they are still young, and want me to play with them, be a referee to their fights and generally just spend time with them but when you’ve work to do it’s not always easy to step away from that.

Now things are getting back to normal I’m trying to limit screen times again, they aren’t all that keen but there are fewer complaints now.

One thing they are loving playing with currently is Lite Brite toys, these are pegboards which you insert coloured pegs into to make fun pictures which then light up to display your artwork.

Lite Brite is available in two sizes: Large and Mini which is an ideal travel size.

What’s in the Box?

The large set contains:

  • 1 Magic board
  • 206 pegs
  • 6 templates
  • 1 art guide
  • You will also need 3 AA batteries which are not included

The mini-set contains:

  • 1 magic board
  • 85 mini pegs
  • 4 templates
  • Batteries are included in this set

General points and thoughts

Parents my age and older will be thinking – hold on a moment – I recognise that toy from my youth and you are right….These have been around for donkey’s years and longer and I had one as a child and loved it. Perhaps that is why I keep stealing this from the kids to play with myself. It has been given a facelift for a modern look and had a baby of its own which you can pop into your handbag and take out with you to help keep the kids (or yourselves) entertained while waiting for dinner in the restaurant now we can visit those again – or take to Nanny and Grandad’s house with you.

I think the idea of the mini version could possibly have been intended to use in the car too but with pieces so small and no tray or compartment to keep the pegs confined I feel you’ll be forever having to search the back seats and floor for these.

That would be my only gripe with these toys – the lack of somewhere within the board to contain the peg. While they do come in resealable bags, they are small and one knock and they have spilled all over the floor.

These are available from John Lewis and from Amazon (affiliate link) – the large version is priced at £18.99 and the mini is £9.99.

How to use

No instructions are really needed with these simple toys. Add the pegs to the board in any pattern you like, turn on the light and watch your art work shine.

You have pattern templates which you can follow on both of these toys, the bigger version has more elaborate designs as the board itself is far bigger.

Once finished you flip the light on and it shines – the bigger version has different light settings on it.

These look great in the dark and really bring the designs to life in a darkened room. It would be nice if there was an option to plug them in or if they had a timer on them as my kids would love to use them as night lights in their bedrooms, but being battery operated means that the batteries wouldn’t last too long if left on all night.


What the kids think:

Emmy: I really love this – it’s like drawing but without having lots of paper and pens. The patterns are easy to follow and I can make my own designs too. It is lots of fun.

I like that you can change the light display on the large version

Harry: It’s fun – I can’t follow the patterns very easily but I like making my own patterns up. I can design Pokemon and Minecraft characters on the big board



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