Little Bird Told Me Curious Caterpillar Infant Rocker – Review

setting up the curious caterpillar rocker, little bird told me, www.emmysmummy.comNow Harry can sit up perfectly and refuses point blank to lay down and play the delivery received recently from Little Bird Told Me was perfectly timed.

Harry received the Curious Caterpillar Infant Rocker for review and I was thrilled.  I eyed it up when Emmy was small yet went for a cheaper market alternative instead and regretted it as the caterpillar was so cute it had a pull over me.

When I opened the box I instantly wished I had brought this years ago for Emmy and was so pleased that Harry had this for his room.

Emmy helped me to put it together which was very easy.  It was a case of screwing the rocker base in place and then screwing the foot plates onto the rocker, all done by using an Allen key which was supplied.

It took less than 5 minutes to put together even with Emmy’s help.

When Harry woke from his nap he beamed when I put him on the rocker for the first time and cried when I took him off, and subsequently every time I take him off he cries.

He bounces up and down trying to rock it himself and he has mastered it really well.  It doesn’t rock vigorously as many rockers do so is perfect for younger babies, if it rocked too fast Harry would definitely fall off.

The curious caterpillar rocker has a padded seat and padded sides which help to hold the rider in the seated position, the sides aren’t huge however Harry hasn’t fallen off so obviously do the job (he is 8 months), the head and body are also largely padded and looks very comfy.  Handles are on the side of the head which are easily accessible and easy to hold and because of the padded head, should they rock too fast and bang their heads they will cause themselves no harm.

The seat unit features an apple which the caterpillar is carrying on his back and this also features a storage box where a small cute caterpillar rattle can be found hiding.

Harry has enjoyed exploring all the sounds and textures of this rocker, crinkles, rattles, squeakers can be found all over this toy and even when he isn’t sitting in the seat his likes to explore by grapping at the sides and running his hands all over.

8 month old on little bird told me caterpillar rocker,

This rocker is priced at £85 and is great value as it is very well made, looks great and I know it will last for a good few years as Emmy aged 3.5 can sit in it and rock without being squashed.  As well as the caterpillar, Little Bird Told me also have a great range of rocking horses too.

Disclaimer:  We were sent this rocker for the purpose of this review however this has not influenced our thoughts and opinions.

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