Look after my Bills – Money saving without the hassle

It’s that time of year when most of us are finally settling back into some kind of normality again after the big Christmas spend up, with 2 pay days behind us this year our bank balances hopefully may begin to look a little healthier, for a little while at least.

Now is a perfect time to see if you are able to save money on your home energy bills, a job many of us put off thinking it is a difficult process of switching providers. I always plan to shop around every time my bills hits my doormat but put it off for another day, which of course never arrives, as I had had a nightmare when I moved into our home almost 16 years ago trying to switch from the provider the previous owners had to a different one, there was a mix up in moving dates, cut off dates and I ended up getting so confused I stayed with the original provider for ease.

Of course, things are much easier now especially using free services such as Look After My Bills which searches out the best deals for you saving you time and money in the process.

Look After My Bills is a new FREE service from The Big Deal, established in 2014, this energy switching site now has over 400,000 members.

The company has saved their customers on average over £300 a year, which is a massive total of £15 million overall – just think what you could do with an extra £300 a year – you could put it towards a holiday, have a weekend away for two with dinner and breakfast, buy an annual pass for your favourite attraction, treat your Mum to a luxury spa day for 2, get that new washing machine you desperately need….the choice is yours.

This service remains free to all customers as the suppliers pay Look After My Bills a commission for every customer they switch over, and they will always find the best deal for you.

I am currently looking at switching providers and by using Look After My Bills I would be able to save. Signing up takes less than 2 minutes, just add an email address and your postcode, choose whether you are wanting to switch your Gas and Electricity or just Electricity, click on the size of your property and how you currently pay for your bills and it will then scan all the current deals to find the best for you.

This is how much I could save by switching right now:

As many as 60% of people in the UK have never switched energy providers, this means they could be overpaying by as much as £300 every single year, and those who have actually made the switch then forget to recheck at the end of their deals comes to an end choosing just to continue with that provider.

As Look After My Bills is a continuous services, customers who do use them to make the switch never have to worry about rechecking at the end of their deals as it is automatically done for them, and they will be switched over to a new supplier should a better deal then be available.

I really do like the sound of it all being hassle free and then being able to forget about it, always knowing you are making the best savings you can.

For more information and to find out how much you can save please take a look at their website: lookaftermybills.com


Post Update: Look After My Bills have helped so many people save money, myself included as I actually did swap after writing this post. They also just secured themselves an amazing sponsorship after a successful Dragons Den pitch on 19th August. Well done everyone. Keep up the good work

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