Looking back on 2016 – a year in review

2016 our year in review

With only days left until the end of the year it’s the time I like to look back over what we’ve done as a family this year, what has been happening in our lives and things which have occurred over on this blog.

This year has been another mixed one, it saw lots of firsts for us as a family – birthday’s celebrated without Nanny/Paul’s Mum being here, her first birthday in heaven and the first year anniversary. It was always these events which would be the hardest to deal with and would be very painful. They have been tough of course but we’ve pulled together as a family and helped each other through and thank you for all your lovely messages, emails and comments while we struggled to help Emmy especially mend a broken heart.

Emmy turned 6 this year, has grown about a foot, gone up 2 shoe sizes and started in year 2 at School. Although she hasn’t gelled as well this year with her teacher she seems to be doing well and her confidence has blossomed. She even had her own lines to say in the recent Grandparents assembly – something she hasn’t done before, and not only did she finally have lines to remember but Grandad says she had the longest part too.

She is a whizz on her roller-skates now and since Christmas she has mastered Heeley’s. If she could sleep in wheels she probably would do.

Harry turned 4 recently, and this year started Nursery. While he wasn’t a huge fan of Pre-School he is thriving in Nursery and loves going.  It does help that this is attached to Emmy’s School and he see’s her in assemblies and at lunch times.  He has made loads of friends and the teachers are the teachers are happy is has settled in well and joining in at all times.


Harry also had an accident in the park smashing his front teeth on the roundabout, this saw us taking him to St. Thomas’ hospital for an emergency dental appointment and then later having to take him for an operation to have both front teeth removed under general.

Teeth extraction in young children

We’ve luckily managed to fit in a few holidays this year, heading off to the seaside for a mini break with my sister and her 4 children at Easter, leaving the men behind.  This was the first time we had been away together with the children and cramming 6 children and 2 adults into a caravan was amusing but so much fun. The children gained a new found confidence and were able to play together really well and entertain themselves which meant us girls actually had some down time and relaxed, unwound and had a great time.


We then repeated this holiday in October with our husbands and another set of friends, of course this time we all had our own caravans but the children again loved the freedom of knocking for their friends and cousins and heading to the park together and to the clubhouse together.  We were able to enjoy adult meals together while the children watched the shows and joined in with the activities – having teenagers in the group with us has major advantages!  We also all took our dogs with us so it was a proper family holiday. The kids had a great time playing on the beach in October (it actually wasn’t that cold and the kids even paddled in the sea!), and the dogs loved playing on the beach too.

We also managed a week in Cornwall, staying with Paul’s Aunt.  Cornwall is our happy play and somewhere we return to every year. The kids have a blast and love just spending time on the beautiful beaches and it is a great excuse to fit in time to catch up with old friends who live here too.

Poldhu Cove, Cornish Beach
Poldhu Cove

This year we have continued to work alongside Merlin Annual Pass as an Ambassador. We received Annual Passes to enjoy a years worth of family fun which is something we have used time and time again to visit all of our favourite attractions.  Harry’s favourite being The London Sealife Aquarium as a go to when we are in London and have some free time. LEGOLAND and Chessington are also attractions we keep returning to again and again.


We have also started working alongside Paradise Wildlife Park in Hertfordshire as Ambassadors, this is a fantastic for us as a family as it is only 20 minutes down the road from our house, and since getting our passes we have already been pretty much ever single weekend.  We can go in all weathers as the kids love looking at the animals or we head over to play Crazy Golf or just to spend an hour in the soft play.

We recently attended the opening night of Disney On Ice presents Frozen which the kids LOVED, and were lucky enough to watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Wicked recently all for review.

This year I made the move from Blogger over to WordPress after 5 years, and after toying with the idea for quite a while it turns out it was the best move I made. When I first started Blogging back in 2011 I tried to use WordPress and it seemed alien to me so I moved to Blogger, back then it was just a hobby – now I am self-employed and this is my job the move needed to happen.

Blogger was too restrictive and didn’t allow me to fully customise posts as I wanted, nor could I use the plugins available on WordPress, and it is partly this move over and the addition of keywords, alt tags and the Yoast plugin which saw my Hatchimals review go viral this weekend while frustrated parents were searching for trouble shooting tips.

Hatchimals trouble shooting
On Christmas Day this review was read 24,690 times and has currently been read over 49,800 times.

I don’t make new years resolutions as I always break them but I plan to start writing to-do-list properly and not keeping things in my head, work on more craft posts with the children and things to do locally in my area.  Of course another viral post would be rather amazing too!

Here’s to next year and all the craziness it may bring.


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8 thoughts on “Looking back on 2016 – a year in review

  1. Oh gosh, you’re making me think I should follow your lead and jump to WordPress… but no! I haven’t time to think about it! Glad it worked for you though. An eventful year, hope 2017 is a bit calmer for you all… Happy 2017! x

  2. I love the sound of your joint family holiday! We try and do one a year too, at least! Makes parenting so much easier when there are more kids to entertain each other! Love the idea of no resolutions btw, I try not to set specific goals either, less chance of failing!
    Thanks for joining in with #ShareYourYear!
    Lauren Belle du Brighton recently posted…Stuff on a FridayMy Profile

  3. Cornwall looks amazing and it somewhere that I’ve always wanted to visit myself. I may have to take a leaf out of your book and get a girls holiday planned with my 2 daughters in 2017 🙂 We have also vows to enjoy more family days out next years so will take a look at the Merlin website. PS. I’m a WordPress kind of girl all the way!

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