Looking at the Car Genie from the AA

AA Car Genie

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For the past few weeks we have been testing our a brand new gadget called Car Genie which is from the AA. This is a little device which plugs into your cars diagnostic port and connects to your phone via a downloadable app.

Fitting the device took just seconds as you will see in the video featured below and setting up was just as quick.

This device communicates with your phone and alerts drivers to any faults which occur with their cars – how handy is it to know that they could be a problem before you head off on a long car journey instead of being stranded next to the side of the road with the kids.

Not only does it tell you of any faults but it also relays the health of your car’s battery, gives helpful hints on improving your eco score – i.e. changing the way you accelerate and then brake which in turn will save you money on fuel.

It also have GPS so you can see where your car currently is from the homepage of the app as well as recent journeys the car has made.

To see more please do watch the video below.

This device costs just £29 alongside a full AA membership – Further details on the Car Genie can be found here.

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9 thoughts on “Looking at the Car Genie from the AA

  1. Seems to think that when my automatic is not driving the car is “idling” so my score is always under 10% so affecting my overall rating. How can I tell AA to adjust the spec to recognise and automatic car!!!

  2. Cannot find the OBD socket in my car .AA sent me a picture on my I-phone but I am none the wiser. Waste of money

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