Like it, Love it? Then share it via Teepee!

You may not have heard about Teepee yet, but it’s perfect for busy mums (and let’s face it, what other kind of mum is there!) so let me share with you what it is and how to use it. Teepee is a new app which cleverly allows friends to share recommendations in ways that I haven’t seen in other apps.  The recommendations can be about anything you like: places you’ve been, restaurants, films, activities for the kids or anything else that matters to you.

Using the app enables you to quickly share, discuss and save recommendations from your friends while they’re fresh in your mind. It’s organised so you can always find what you need without scrolling through long chats. There’s no need to create lots of different groups, and you can share recommendations with a tap of the screen

Unlike WhatsApp or other messaging apps where you could share recommendations, this app means those recommendations won’t get lost in an endless stream of general chat and gossip (if your WhatsApp groups are anything like mine – I start making general plans with the girls then move off on a tangent and 2 hours later we still don’t have a date for a movie or dinner),  you can save the best recommendations in Teepee’s unique Collections function so you’ve always got them at your fingertips – a day, a month or a year later – always handy when you want a quick suggestion of somewhere new to go and you know your friends etc. won’t reply in time, or just sneak a peek at the recommendations and pretend the idea was all yours and take credit for the new hot bar discovered.

I understand that the founders of Teepee had mums specifically in mind when they came up with the idea.  One of the founders, David Kausman, is a father of two young boys and saw the difficulty his wife had in getting trustworthy recommendations for the thousand and one things a mum always needs to decide on.  She had plenty of friends who could help – just no easy way to select the right group for each recommendation or save their tips in a way that allowed her to easily find each one when she needed it.  Teepee was the answer.”

A safe, simple way of getting recommendations and advice from people who know you – and of giving help in return

Teepee has been independently developed by a UK based company, this isn’t affiliated or linked to Facebook or Google as many of these apps tend to be, so theses no need to be connected to your friends on social media to use this app (I have many friends moving away from Facebook as they are fed up with the constant advertisements and changes). Teepee is ad free which is always welcomed!

It is easy to install – just head to the apple store or the Google Play store using the following links:

Apple download link

Google Play download link

I’ve been taking a look at this app this week and can see it being very useful during the school holidays.

Not only can I keep in touch with the children’s friends parents via it but we can arrange playdates and use it to recommend Easter activities locally for the kids, turning a good playdate into a great one as you never know what an activity will be like until you’ve been there and done it  if it’s great we can share that information BUT if it’s not we can also share it and know which to avoid in future.

It is very easy to use and navigate too, you can rate the places/activities and them share that review with friends…..after all, who’s opinion would you trust more…a stranger online or a good friend?

Don’t just take my word for it though, why not download it for yourselves (use the links above) and try it out.

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4 thoughts on “Like it, Love it? Then share it via Teepee!

  1. I’ve looked into Teepee and it is a fab app, especially great I imagine if you are PG or have a new babe. Such a great way to get recommendations from trusted friends in the local area. Mich x

  2. It sounds really good.. I never got into What’s App and Facebook is definitely full of ads, it’s hard to keep track on Twitter even with hashtags.

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