Lunchtime talks and back to school with Hartley’s

We are now entering week two of school for Harry and week 3 for Emmy, they have taken it in their strides with Harry being an absolute star with starting school, although he is absolutely shattered when he comes home.

I am beginning to get used to not having any children around the house all week, although it is a little strange and very quiet. I’m not quite into a working routine during the day but that’s because I am far to used to working late in the evening as opposed to during the day, given a few more weeks and I am sure I will adapt.

Both children currently have school dinners because it is the easy option for me, however Emmy has been asking for ages to change to packed lunches. Now she is in Junior school I have to pay for her school dinners, and at £2.20 a day and having to pay half termly I am not fussed about her changing to home packed lunch if she really wants to – I am used to making these anyway as Harry had to have packed lunches in Nursery. We have decided that in the summer she can have packed lunches and in the winter she will have hot meals.

I do enjoy making the children’s lunches, I try to make them as varied as I can so they don’t get bored. Some days they will have sandwiches and I’ll cut them into shapes and other days cold pasta with cheese chunks, diced cucumber and tomatoes. The school also have a long list of things they are and aren’t allowed and I was caught out by the lunchbox police a few times by including things they weren’t allowed.

Knowing we can’t add chocolate and squeezy yogurts I tend to give them a pot of yogurt but they have recently discovered Hartley’s sugar free jelly pots which now gives us another option for the their lunchboxes.


These are a lovely treat for the kids and fit perfectly into their lunchboxes. Being sugar free is also a huge bonus and the children can’t tell the difference between this version and the originals.

Hartley’s have worked closely with Dr Sam Wass, a child psychologist. He shares the conversations that our children are having over their lunch. The top topics of conversation include; Favourite toys, friends, Holidays, TV, Family & more. 

Take a look at this cute video they’ve put together of kids chatting over their lunches:

Over lunch me and the children like to talk about our plans for the day, they tell me what they’ve done at school and who they are currently playing with. Emmy tells me all the playground gossip about who has fallen out with each other, who is going to each others houses over the weekend.

We also take the time to chat about anything which is on our minds, if Emmy has a problem at school we discuss it – she is just finding her feet in the juniors having gone from being the oldest in the playground/school to now being the youngest, she is finding it a little tough currently.

These Hartley’s ‘no added sugar’ jelly pots come in a range of different flavours: Tropical, Strawberry, Raspberry, Blackcurrant & Apple. Emmy really likes the Strawberry & Raspberry and Harry loves the Raspberry ones. Of course it is also good to know that these have no artificial colours as well as being gluten & fat-free!

Hartley’s are also giving away lunchboxes when you collect 12 ‘Green’ Hartley’s jelly pot lids. Check out the promotional packs for more details.

Harry had great fun customising his lunchbox, they come with 2 full sheets of stickers, one letters and the other fun characters, hearts and other cute decorations.

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