Madagscar 3 – Europe’s Most Wanted DVD – Review

Emmy was most excited when the postman delivered the new Madagascar 3 DVD to her, she jumped up and down and insisted we watched it there and then, but who could resist as I must admit I love Madagascar  as much as she does.  The colourful characters and toe-tapping music is enough to encapture every audience.

For those of you who haven’t seen Europe’s Most Wanted yet we follow the adventure’s of the lovable characters Marty, Alex, Gloria and Melmen trying to get back home to New York.  In this DVD they join a travelling circus while trying to travel incognito across Europe.

With a French animal control officer and new circus friends joining in the fun – you can’t help but laugh out loud and enjoy the action.

Clearing a casino with great ease by falling through the ceiling to watching Marty enjoying dressing up in a colourful Afro and polka dots, Emmy giggled from start to finish – although be warned she now has a great love of pillow fights thanks to the Penguins.

We think this is the funniest Madagascar so far and will continue to watch and enjoy many times without getting bored – a must see film so the whole family.

The film is 93 minutes long so great for rainy days snuggled on the sofa with popcorn avoiding this horrid weather.

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Cast includes:
Ben Stiller – Alex
David Schwimmer – Melman
Chris Rock – Marty
Sacha Baron Cohen – Julien
Jada Pinkett Smith – Gloria


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