Make Mother’s Day Special

Flowers, chocolates, aprons, mugs are just a few of the Mother’s Day gifts I have given in the past (I’m still waiting to receive my 1st Mother’s Day gifts, I know Emmy is 3 but she can’t go shopping on her own and Daddy has the ability to forget every year sadly).

Each year I shop for my 2 Mum’s (my Mum and my Mother-in-law), in the past I have given boring traditional gifts as listed above, this year I have been wanting something special and different so I have chosen the following gifts:

Something different from Hotel Chocolat – instead of Chocolate as it is so soon after Christmas and not everyone will want Chocolate, a luxury and deeply nourishing body butter.  From the Cocoa Juvenate range, Revive Body Butter is made from conditioning Cocoa Butter and Argan Oil this is perfect for helping to nourish, soften and smooth the skin.  When massaged into the skin it will leave it beautifully soft and have a delicious scent too.  Priced at £20 it is an affordable luxury item.
I have also chosen a cute personalised money box from the Purple Ronnie range of 
I’m keeping quiet the personalisation of this gift as I wouldn’t want to give the secret away, however it has a special message on for one of the Mum’s from the Grandchildren.
This silver money box can be engraved on the back with up to 4 lines of wording so it really can say whatever you would like it to…..just checking to see if Mum is reading…..NO, OK then – this is what hers say (but don’t tell her)
“Saving towards
spoiling the Grandkids
Happy Mother’s Day
Love Clare”

Personalising was really easy, just write your message (and check your spelling) then add to your basket – the wording will be on the back of this silver money box.

I’m hoping my Mum’s enjoy their Mother’s Day gifts. What are you buying for yours?

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