Making camping easier with kids

We headed off on a last minute camping trip at the end of the Summer and having only experienced the thrills on camping once before,  were unsure what we needed to take and what could be left behind.
Obviously the first time around we took a lot of things which we unpacked from the car, moved into our tent and then of course as always happens we didn’t use it even look at.
There were also the things which we wish we had thought of but had no idea we needed.
This time around we are packing lighter and making sure we have the essentials only or things which will make life easier.
Added into the case/car this time around were:
Junior ready beds – We took two of these with us, a Cinderella one and a Minions one.
These can be pumped up with a foot pump which takes around 4/5 minutes.  I knew the kids wouldn’t be comfy sleeping on the floor, who would? However I was unsure they would be very comfortable in a camp bed which Paul and I had.  With space an issue these were the perfect solution as when deflated they roll up to a very compact size and can be carried using the carry handle.
These have a pillow and sleeping bag attached and once inflate they are rather comfortable, perfect for sleepovers and for camping too.  We added the kids pillow pets as they are used to having proper pillows and a fleece blanket as it was September and freezing and both slept really well in these for the 2 nights.  These are available from
These beds are a perfect size for Emmy who is almost 6 and while there are toddler versions available Harry was very happy in his and was happily contained as the cover zips all the way to the pillow section meaning that even when he wriggled around as he always does he didn’t fall out.
Tyreweld – not just a camping essential but something to keep in the car.  Imagine packing up the car, heading off and then getting a flat tyre…where is your spare, yes, of course underneath all your camping equipment, under the tent, beds, sleeping bags, food, clothes etc – it’s never a good time to get a flat tyre but do you really want to unpack all of that to get to the spare?
This is the perfect solution for punctures and has been designed and fully tested by our in-house lab team to be as quick and easy to use as possible, helping get drivers safely on their way again without the need for a wheel change at the side of a busy road. A water-based foam that acts as a car tyre sealant; the solution reinflates the tyre and, when the vehicle is driven, it finds the puncture and repairs it. 
Goldshield Hand Sanitiser with Anti-Microbial Barrier – this is a 50ml handbag sized Hand Sanitiser which is perfect for use on a campsite – with access to toilets and showers shared the facilities can sometimes become rather grubby by the evenings, and with young children in tow we to take a potty with us for ease – with this hand foam it eliminates the need for access to soap and water while aliminating the germs effortlessly, and lets face it kids are more than happy to not wash their hands aren’t they? 
I find both Emmy and Harry like this foam wash and will happily use which is more than can be said for soap and water at times.  This kills 99.999% of germs on contact and offers 24 hour protection while being alcohol free.
The BRITA Fill&Go bottle is an easy way to make sure you’ve always got filtered water when camping, when you can’t be sure of the quality of the water. We use a BRITA water jug at home so these were perfect for taking with us – we used in the car for the journey to the campsite and then filled up as and when on site.  They come with a filter disk meaning that the levels of impurities and chlorine can be filtered out before drinking.  You can use these either with or without the straw and they are available in 4 colours (Pink, Blue, Green and Grey) meaning we can each have our own bottles and there is no fighting.  These retail at £14.99
SQUASH’D is a great product to take camping. It’s a 66ml capsule of highly concentrated squash which adds great flavour to your drinks. It’s light enough to pop into a handbag and comes in a variety of flavours, including Tropical and Pear & Blueberry.  My children aren’t all that keen on drinking plain water and I am determined to space save this trip, these are so small that they take up very little space and kept the children happy.
Soltan Once Kids 8 Hour Play Lotion SPF50 mini – this is a travel sized sun cream which fits easily into a changing bag or handbag.  1 application gives up to 8 hours sun protection 1 hour water resistance. (RRP £5)
Repel Insect Repellent Aerosol Spray – We learnt the hard way on our last trip that we should have packed the Insect repellent when Paul ended up covered in bites – it just hadn’t occurred to me that it would be needed.  This aerosol is effectively prevention from mosquitoes, midges and other biting insects.  A small bottle for easy use and small enough to pack into a changing bag/handbag, it is non-greasy, quick drying and has a very subtle fragrance which even the children didn’t mind.  This time thankfully no one was bitten. (RRP £4.25)
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