Making changes and planning #MagicMoments

This weekend you’ll have noticed I’ve not blogged,  that was planned.
I vowed to spend more family time together this year and by family time I also mean time with my husband.
Valentine’s seemed a good time to put those plans into action and I posted my 365 a day early and switched off for the weekend.
Best laid plans however saw me over tired from being up with both kids from 3am on Friday morning,  Harry being poorly and then a 2.30am start on Saturday morning taking over from Paul who had tried to get Harry back to sleep since midnight.
Harry and I took to the sofa and I managed just under 4 hours sleep, teamed with 2 hours the night before and then dancing on the dance floor at a kids disco on Saturday afternoon in a bid to get Emmy to join in with her friends,  come the evening our special Valentines meal wasn’t eaten until around 9.45pm as the kids wouldn’t settle so we took to the front room to eat it on our laps watching TV.
Do you have days like this too?  We tend not to plan for this very reason.
It was nice though as we sat chatting and planning.
Talking like we used to pre kids, actually sitting on the same sofa without a laptop and phone getting our attentions.
Sitting together as a couple and talking about our days, weeks and the kids.
We’ve now come up with a plan for redoing the kids rooms. I know both were only recently done but Emmy rarely sleeps in her room, she wakes around midnight and comes in with us. Paul is usually relegated to her room.
I spoke of redecoration plans for the spare room recently,  well that’s now all changed. We are planning to turn that room into the kids room.
They will share and we are drawing up plans for custom built bunk beds for them.  Paul’s Dad is an architect and Paul’s Uncle a Carpenter. Once the plans are finalised they will be drawn up properly on the CAD system at work by Paul (or his Dad) and then Uncle Phil can work his magic.  It seems the sensible thing to do as we can’t find exactly what we want for them so will pay to have our own design built.

I honestly can’t wait.
It’s a long term plan as it won’t happen until around the Summer.
We will keep the kids rooms they are in now with the same decor for when they want separate bedrooms later on, with the only changes being Emmy’s single bed will be moved out of her room and into Harry’s, replacing the toddler bed and the double which is in the spare room will go into Emmy’s room as a guest best.
By summer we will hopefully have 4 usable bedrooms again ready for guests, sleepovers and generally my sanity!
We’ve also set up plans for our wedding anniversary next month now.  We are actually going to go away for the night.  The first time together without the kids, infact only our 3 night out since kids.
My Mum is coming to stay at ours and we will head off mid afternoon to check in, with no other plans other than a nice HOT 3 course meal and a swim I am so looking forward to it.

A swim with no kids hanging from me, a nice walk in the hotel grounds, maybe even a HOT uninterrupted bath and then a nice meal with no food being stolen from my plate and most importantly a lie in!!
Even with having to be out the room by 11am that is a mega lie-in for a parent.
Thanks Mum, we can’t wait.

14 thoughts on “Making changes and planning #MagicMoments

  1. Love the bunk bed idea. So glad you area ageing some time together with Paul. Pete and I need to do the same and we both know it but it ever happens, I know what you mean about eating hot meals, lol. Every time I sit down for mine someone asks for something, feel like a yoyo sometimes xx

  2. I love the idea of custom built beds sounds perfect for what you need. It's a great idea to give them each their 'own rooms' as well as a shared room which is where they regularly sleep. Popping over from Magic Moments.

  3. Ouch that was a very early start at the weekend, feel for you. Fortunately now my children are older I very rarely get a night like that nowadays. A night away will be bliss and much deserved.

  4. Love the idea of custom built beds! I usually try and take the weekends of from blogging – partly so I spend time with my family without being in front of a computer and partly so I do something else and therefore have something to write about the following week!

  5. Oh wow at having such talented family to be able to make bed like that! I have vowed to spend less time online. I am off by 8 nearly every evening and also spend as much time as possible offline at the weekend

  6. I love the design of the bed, it's brilliant 🙂
    It's our 10th wedding anniversary in April and my mum is coming to stay for the week so we can go away to Hay on Wye Sunday to Friday. I'm so excited, I just can't wait!
    Happy anniversary, I hope you have a lovely time together xx

  7. I love that style of bunk beds! I thought of getting them before for 2 of my boys but I couldn't find anywhere to get them made at a cheaper price, it was all quite expensive they do look amazing though!

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