Making healthy changes

With a new year brings new resolutions and more  often than not that is to loose weight and keep fit – come on how many of you have those resolutions?

I actually didn’t make any this year but I am continuing with the diet this year, upping my exercise and at least once over this year I WILL complete the 30 day shred – I’ve started and failed about 5 times now usually quitting on day 10, I am determined it will not beat me so I am starting again next week once I’ve recovered from this horrid cold which is knocking me out currently.

With continuing the diet – I am back on 5:2 as it suits me, 2 stone down and 2 to go I am now going to concentrate on eating better on the non-diet days which I haven’t done before.

I am looking carefully at the fat content of the foods I choose and homemade soups are my meals of choice however reminded of my cooking class with Quorn last summer I think I may bite the bullet and switch over for a little which to see if it helps as it is low in saturated fats and I’m hoping this will have a positive effect of my cholesterol levels after being diagnosed with Familiar Hypercholestrolemia.


 What were your resolutions and are you sticking to them?
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