Making the home more comfortable for autumn!

Now that our busy family summer is drawing to a close, it’s time to take a look ahead to the upcoming months and see how we can all get ready for the coming of autumn.

Whilst it’s going to be sad to pack the kids off to school, I’m kind of relishing the opportunity of turning my attention to the home. This is a great time of year to have a good clear out and think about how to make our homes as cosy as possible for the coming of the cooler months!


The first thing that I’ll be doing is packing away all of those summery items of clothing for next year. And finding a place to put the picnic rugs and summer hats will be a bit of a challenge now that the kids have somehow multiplied their toy collection, so I’ll probably invest in some storage cubes that can be stacked up and not tripped over!

It’s also the time of year where we switch our bedding from summer duvets to thicker fabrics that are capable of withstanding the first chilly nights of the season. I’ve also heard that we’re meant to change our mattresses once every eight years, so I think that now might be the time to get a new one for each of us, and seeing as Bedstar have a sale on now, it could help save some pennies too!

What better way to make that new mattress all the more cosy than by getting some lovely new cushions. I’m a firm believer that beds can never have too many cushions, and with the days getting shorter I might try and sew some of these funky gypsy cushion covers that will brighten up even the darkest of nights!

Of course, comfort isn’t confined to the bedroom, and I’m determined to make our living room into a place of cosiness. Even a marathon viewing session of watching School for the Little Vampires could be made a bit more luxurious by having some woollen throws that are perfect for diving beneath on those lovely lazy Sunday mornings.

And what’s comfort unless you’ve got your feet up? That’s why I’m saving up to get an amazing rainbow mushroom crocheted pouffe from Amara which shows that it’s not just mattresses that offer us a quick way to get cosy this autumn!

“This post is written in collaboration with James Duggan”

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