Making a memory capsule #Safestoreyourmemories

I am rather a horder when it comes to special memories and mementos.   I like to keep hold of plane tickets, days out tickets and now the kids are here that has gotten worse with hospital name tags, birth weight cards, first hand prints,  first drawings, mothers day cards etc.
Now storing these special treasures is rather hit and miss.  The kids have a special memories box in their rooms which are already overflowing and my special bits are just showed in a drawer.
I keep meaning to make a memory capsule and Safestore have given me the perfect excuse with their bloggers competition.
Tasked with making our own Memory Capsule and complete with our own SafeStore small storage box this is what I’ve created.
Of course as it’s filled with Memories it was only fitting to cover it with the personalised wrapping paper send to me this week for Mother’s Day by Wrap.Me,  it’s made using my Instagram pictures, a truly stunning and unique way of wrapping presents for a special person or for decorating our Memory Capsule.
Once decorated it was just a matter of filling it with memories I want to keep.

I’ve included :
  • Hospital name tags from both children
  • Hospital weight cards for both kids
  • Coming home from hospital outfits from both children
  • 1st pair of shoes of both Emily and Harry
  • Christening outfits from them both
  • Christening candles
  • My wedding jewellery including my tiara
  • My wedding shoes
  • Paul’s wedding jewellery
  • Flowers from my bouquet
  • Gifts given to us by the Bedouin on our honeymoon to Egypt
  • The powder puff music box left to me by my Nan
  • Love letters from Paul and I from our younger dating days.

What would you add into your memory capsule?

This is my entry into the Safestore bloggers competition #Safestoreyourmemories

19 thoughts on “Making a memory capsule #Safestoreyourmemories

  1. Eeeek hard question to answer as I have boxes and boxes of memories. Each child has a huge plastic container with bits that are personal to them and then I have another container with things like birth notes, cord clamps ( I know) cards etc.

  2. I'm like you , I like to keep all the little things from the children. All memories, hubby callse a junk hoarder! But he is worse x

  3. I have lots of old bits and pieces of mine in a shoebox but all of the kids things are scattered here there and everywhere – I would love to get them altogether like this.

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