Making more of an effort with my beauty regime

As you know I am a busy Mum, alongside being a Mum I also work from home. Harry goes to school 3 days a week so I try my hardest to get as much of my work done in those 5 hours but of course this isn’t always possible – by the time I get home from school and put away the breakfast things, unload and reload the dishwasher, pop on some washing, make the beds and whizz around the hoover I’ve lost at least an hour and a half of my working day and that’s before needing some lunch.

Mornings are always a rush, I need to leave the house with the children at 8.30am and although I make sure I have my clothes out the night before by the time I have showered, dressed, made everyone breakfast and dressed the children it leave little time for myself so make up is always rushed and kept to a minimum.

I used to be the type of person who would grab make-up all the time while shopping, if there was a 3 for 2 offer I snapped it up, buying far more than I actually needed without realising these things went out of date and don’t always store well. Supermarkets used to be by go to and then I would wonder why they didn’t last as well. As I’ve gotten older I’ve begun to realise that it really should be quality over quantity especially for items I will be putting onto my face!

I’ve been taking advice from sites such as on how to make wise makeup choices and have recently started buying good quality makeup instead of the cheaper options which of course means I have been buying less of them so in fact have been saving money at the same time too!

The main change I made was to buy a foundation which lasts a lot longer, I often find with the cheaper brands I will put on in the morning but its worn off before I need to head out on the school pick up again, therefore putting it on twice a day was proving expensive as obviously I end up using the bottle faster.

A friend introduced me to Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation recently and I’ve not looked back since. This is an ultra-thin, skin-perfecting liquid formula available in a wide range of colours to perfectly suit your skin tone.

I am hopeless at colour matching so luckily for me Karen really knows what she is talking about and was able to colour match from my recent photographs and got it spot on – my colour is Organza and really does match my completion perfectly.

With a choice of 13 colours there is something to suit all skin tones.

I purchased my foundation when it was on a monthly offer, it came with a primer and a foundation brush to put it on with.

The primer comes in a smaller bottle and you need only a little as it goes a long way, squeeze onto your fingers and then work into your face all over for a perfect basecoat for your make-up, think of it like you would painting a wall – you wouldn’t put on the colour without treating the imperfections on the wall fist would you? This helps to cover the skin to even out the area before you add your foundation. I found that my foundation glides over my face when I have this base coat on and gives an even coverage all over.

Karen spent ages with me talking through my make-up routine and advised its best to put foundation on with a brush, I did try this but I far prefer to squeeze it onto my finger tips and rub in, I can blend it in better than I could with my brush.

Any foundation which can last all day and helps to cover my bags under my eyes is a winner by me. Available from Lashes and Luscious Lips for £30.

While I don’t have the best regime I have made recent changes including making sure I remove my make up in the evenings which shock/horror I never used to do, and I have also been ensuring I moisturise both morning and night. I have been using the Elizabeth Grant Caviar range from Ideal World recently. Not a product I may have been drawn to if shopping myself but having recently received these to try I have to say I am very pleasantly surprised.

I have been using the Caviar Nutruriche Concentrate  to begin my routine, this comes in a 60ml bottle in a bottle with a pippet for easy application. Squeeze the pippet to fill the vial and apply to clean and dry skin. This has an anti-aging formula and helps to treat tired, lined or thin looking skin.

Working until the early hours does take its toll on my skin and the fact I am much closer to 40 now than I am 30 means I do have lines and sadly wrinkles. I have been using this for around 4 weeks now combined with the day and night cream and I have to say that I am amazed at how much more hydrated my skin feels and the lines under my eyes as well as the dark circles have definitely faded.  It also contains aloe vera which helps to reduce any redness or sore skin.

After applying this I then brush my teeth to allow the serum enough time to soak into my skin before following with either the ultimate caviar nutruriche day cream or the ultimate caviar nutruriche night cream. These both come in 50ml tubs and come with a little spatula to ensure you don’t use too much – they are very hydrating and soak into the skin really well without leaving a sticky feeling.

As well as now looking after my skin from the outside I have started to treat it from the inside too by taking Lumity Life supplements, these come in the form of two bottles, one you take in the morning and the other in the evening. As I get very little sleep due to children who like to tag team me the minute my head hits the pillow this often means I survive on far too much coffee and then junk food to keep me going. Lumity Life contain a unique formulae of vitamins, minerals, omega-3 fatty acids and amino acids. Being in tablet form means they are convenient to take and by placing them by my kettle means I remember to take them each morning and evening.

You take 3 tablets both morning and 3 at night time. I have been taking these for around 4 weeks now and combined with a better moisturising routine I have definitely noticed a few changes for the better. I am finding it easier to wake up in the morning even on the nights I’ve had little sleep, my eyes are brighter and the lines on my forehead as well as around my eye have visibly reduced.

The last change I have made to my routine is ensuring I drink more water, a very simple step but one I am rather lax at remembering. I was sent a MIU Color eco-friendly glass water bottle which is a lovely size at 550ml. It is a sports bottle with a difference, you’d not traditionally use a glass bottle for sports but as it is encased in a silicone casing this makes it rather durable and should it accidently drop then it should remain intact. I’m not sure about you but I’m not a fan of the taste of water from plastic bottles, they have a strange taste so having this glass bottle means I am more likely to drink more. I’ve been filling this up in the morning and placing next to me while I work, I then refill at lunch and dinner and then refill at night time to take to bed with me. It’s currently working and I am emptying this at least 3 times a day.

I am determined to make more of an effort and to start looking after myself a little better. What are your tips for this busy mum?

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