Making the most of the garden in the summer

For the past two weekends we have been outside in the garden nearly all day, there is nothing better in my opinion than seeing the kids happily playing outdoors in the fresh air – of course the fact they sleep far better after doing so has nothing to do with it – honest!
They have everything they could possibly need in the garden yet of course they are always asking for more in typical child fashion.
They are lucky in that we have a nice sized garden so they can fir all their toys in, currently they have:
  • A 10ft trampoline
  • 2 plastic playhouses
  • Seesaw/roundabout
  • Sand & Water table
  • Small paddling pool
  • Wooden double swing set with a slide
  • Ride-ones and other mini toys
  • Construction set which can be a house, boat, tent, goal, car and many other things.
There is still lots of work to do in our garden, each year we tackle a part of it however by the following year it’s all overgrown again and we have to start from square one again, it is my priority this summer to finally finish it once and for all but something always comes up which costs money – they money I had planned to put to good use in the garden.
It maybe also the year to admit defeat and pay a gardener to come in and to help me.  My problem is I am limited on what I can cut down because I then need to get rid of that garden waste, by paying someone they could cut do that instead.
Once I have been able to cut down the trees I could then move the trampoline across and back a little making a little more room, remove the half knocked down brick BBQ and remove all the rubbish and get rid of one playhouse, this will leave more space to have the table and chairs out more often and to hopefully move the swing/slide set to a leveller part of the garden.  Sadly this swing/slide set is really now very wobbly and I think it just needs replacing – you’ve probably noticed how expensive these are which is why I purchased ours second hand last year, it’s lasted well however my monkeys like to climb all over it and wobble it even more and it’s only a matter of time now before it comes crashing down.
As this costs so much money I am on the look out for discount codes to save as much as I can on this large purchase, I’ve come across some Tesco vouchers codes on the My favourite voucher codes website, I’m currently looking into the one for saving 30% off garden toys to see if this works for us at all, however I do keep getting distracted by the other offers and codes available and am kicking myself for not seeing the Kath Kidston discount before I ordered Emmy’s new school bag.  The one thing for me which stands out about this site is that they give 20% of profits to charity.
If I don’t manage to replace this this year it will definitely be next year but in the meantime I will get the rest of the garden ready and we will be enjoying the sun while we can.
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One thought on “Making the most of the garden in the summer

  1. Our garden is pretty much a building site, Si is building concrete block sheds which are taking forever as he's doing it all around work and the weather…. one day I will have a garden I can actually sit in and relax!

    Stevie x

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