Making my own Sushi #Review

I’ve told you before of Harry’s love for Sushi, he honestly can’t get enough.   It maybe because I ate it when pregnant with him, or because I’ve introduced it to him at a very young age.
I believe it’s important to introduce new food to children early on so as they can try before the fear of the unknown sets in and they become set in their ways.

Recently we were send a lovely Sushi making kit and I could not wait to get started.  Now only having bought Sushi in the past I wasn’t entirely sure where to start making my own.  Luckily the instruction’s were very clear however it doesn’t tell you which fish and fillings to use.

I opted to start with a few basics which I knew Harry would like, so I purchased tuna and smoked salmon as well as cucumber and peppers.

Inside the Sushi kit was:  Roasted Seaweed wrappers, Soy wrappers, Sushi rice and flavouring as well as a rolling mat and ginger.

I followed the instructions on the rice packed for the cooking, and then once cooked I poured in the flavouring.

You then let the rice cool down before assembling your Sushi wraps.

It was a little trial and error if I’m honest with the first few looking terrible and not holding together properly.

However after a while it was a lot easier and I got some OK results.

Rolling the Sushi was very easy using the mat, I couldn’t quite manage to get the filling into the middle however for a first try I’ve very impressed with my efforts.

Harry devoured these in a matter of minutes and promptly asked for more.  I can’t wait to try a few more varieties and to get more inventive.

I hadn’t realised just how easy it would be to make our own and it is so much fun.

This set is available for £13.50 from

Disclaimer:  We received this kit for review purposes, all thoughts and opinions are our own.


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