Making printing easier with the Epson ET-7750

As you all know I work from home, now with that comes a lot of paper work too as its all needed for my accounts, I have to say when I retook my Maths GCSE never did I think I would be using it in my work life – after all I started my working life in childcare and stayed in childcare roles for around 17 years.

Working for others seemed so much easier, do what I do then at the end of each month receive a payslip and money in the bank and the only paperwork involved was clocking my mileage and writing it down weekly.

Now I need to keep every receipt, all invoices not only need to be sent and checked off once paid but they need printing off to keep for my records, I also print off my bank statements, contracts and Paypal receipts for payments or when I’ve used it to buy work related items – my Picmonkey monthly payments, photo editing software, photo storage etc. Then there are the spreadsheets I have for my monthly incomings and outgoings, mileage for work related events – travelling to reviews etc. All these are needed for my tax returns yearly and I then need to keep them.

With the sheer amount of paperwork I have found my printers tend to work out expensive as I am often replacing the inks, usually when I have to print something for the kids for school I realise that the ink has run out and the photos they need to take in for school projects can’t be printed.

A few months ago I was sent an Epson ET-7750 to try out to see if it could make our home life any easier and it certainly did.

The Epson ET-7750 doesn’t use ink cartridges like other printers, it is refillable with ink bottles and actually comes with enough ink to last up to 3 years or to print 3400 10×15 photos – now I know I take a lot of photos and have recently started to actually print those out but even I don’t think I would need to print that amount. It also prints up to A3 size, scans and copies.

There are 2 print trays to make things even easier, I have one pre-loaded with A4 paper and the other with photo paper as these are which I use the most. You can connect to the printer wirelessly via WiFi or even use the SD card slot.

Setting up this printer was really easy, it was just a case of unboxing, filling up with the ink bottles – the front of the printer is colour coded for ease and each bottle contains the correct amount of ink – once you click the bottle into place, give it a little squeeze and it will self fill until it is emptied meaning filling is actually mess free. For high-quality results, it uses four dyes and a pigment ink.

When the printer was switched on my computer and phone automatically discovered it and I was able to print straight away. As you can print direct via your phone you can print off Instagram photos or even Facebook images, connect to photo apps to make fun scenes, add frames etc – it also has borderless printing and can print 28 black and white pages per minute.

I actually used this printer to print off my Nan’s order of service for her funeral, I wanted to have something to do myself, to keep myself busy and be personally involved in the planning. I printed off 65 copies, each were 4 double sided pages and I also printed collage photo’s to go inside each one. The front page had a coloured photo of my Nan and there was also another on the back page. Of course I also printed off a few test ones to ensure they were perfect – as they contained coloured images they took a little longer to print off but it was still very quick to get everything completed, and even with printing off that amount in one go it didn’t drain the ink as quickly as previous printers had and the last of the 60 photographs I printed looked just as good as the first one.

It comes complete with 10 bottles of ink – so when the first run out you’ll still not have to purchase more for some time. The Black ink is the biggest bottle at 140ml and the others are 70ml bottles. You can see when the ink levels are going down on the front of the printer through the clear panel on the front right.

As this printer prints up to A3 in size it’s not the most compact but is perfectly suited to a home office, it weighs 10.5kg. It is so easy to use and even features a 6.8 cm LED display screen.

I really love the fact it has the 2 print trays as it means I don’t have to faff about changing the paper for the photo paper every time I need to print something different, and it also means I’m not likely to lose the photo paper when it’s not in use (as I usually do with my previous printer), to switch between the two trays you just have to push the one in you want to use and the screen will let you know when it’s registered the tray you want to use.

I have been really impressed with this model and it’s so easy to use I actually find the kids printing things off from their tablets or photocopying favourite pages from their colouring books to print off themselves. They love to print off our snapchat photos and have a lovely collection in their rooms – and of course as the ink lasts so well I really don’t mind printing them off for them.

The Epson ET-7750 has a RRP of £699.99 and is currently on offer for £579.99 from Amazon

Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for this post, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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