Making school lunches healthy and varied for Harry

Now Harry is in school 3 full days a week that means he needs a packed lunch on those days.  Of course he isn’t really fussed about what is inside his lunch box just as long as he sits with his friends, doesn’t have to drink water and hopefully gets to wave at his sister and try to embarrass her in front of her school friends.

Although he would happily eat the same things for lunch day in and day out, that would of course get very boring, he would soon stop enjoying his lunches and I may end up with a battle on my hands trying to get him to enjoy them again.

With this in mind I have been trying to make them as varied as I can without of course being too elaborate because lets face it, who has the time to do that every meal time? Once a week I may try to make shaped sandwiches etc. however if I did it all of the time he would be demanding dog shaped sandwiches for every meal, even when we are out.

I try to make Harry’s lunches as balanced as I can by adding a sandwich, pasta or crackers for instance, a fromage frais, fruit and a snack. He also has a carton of juice – while I would prefer to give him a diluted squash in a reusable bottle the school doesn’t allow and it has to be a carton.

Healthy lunch ideas

I have taken to making up Harry’s lunch box the evening before as the mornings are rushed enough as it is, and I have also batch made sandwiches and rolls, wrapped these in cling film and popped them into the freezer.  I also freeze Munch Bunch Squashums for Harry’s lunches.  The sandwiches I take out the evening before they are needed and the Squashums the morning.

Frozen Squashums make a delicious frozen cooling snack or if taken out in the morning they can be popped into a lunch box to help keep it cool throughout the morning and will have defrosted in time for lunch.  These Squashums are new huge tubes which are perfect for larger tummies, both Emmy and Harry eat fromage frais until the sun goes down however they always want to have at least 2 pots as one just isn’t enough. With these larger tubes they only need one meaning a pack lasts longer in this house. These larger tubes contain 50 per cent more fromage frais than the originals and are made from all natural ingredients and contain fruit puree. Available in 2 flavours – Strawberry and Raspberry and are priced at just £1.99 for 6.

Healthy lunchbox ideas

As well as sandwiches Harry has been enjoying:

Pasta with cheese and ham
Pasta with tomato sauce
Cheese and Crackers
Pitta bread with Hummus
Carrot and cucumber sticks with Hummus or peanut butter

Snacks he has been enjoying are:

Baby Tomatoes
Cheese cubes
Fromage frais
Dried apricots
2 chocolate coins

Lunches don’t have to be boring and the same every day however they don’t have to be to hard to make either.

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post


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