Making the garden pretty again

I am lucky enough to have a nice sized garden here, sadly it has been taken over by the children’s toys – a 10ft trampoline, double swing set with slide, a see-saw/round-about, sand and water table, play house and numerous balls, bikes and other toys have just taken over and it is very neglected.

A few years ago we turned over a good section of the garden to vegetable patches and we had a lovely crop of home grown fruits and vegetables – I really do want to regain some of the garden for this again but it was sadly removed when Harry kept pulling up everything I planted and in a rage I got rid of it.

The same happened with all my flowers and plants, they were either pulled out by the kids or cut with scissors with them. They really don’t like me having anything nice that’s for sure.

Now they are older I have decided that I really want to get the garden looking nice again but with the dog and balls flying around the garden I have had to compromise and instead of planting into the ground pots were the solution. Rattan Direct came to my aid and sent some beautiful rattan planters and I really do love them.


They come as a  set of 3, tiered in size with a small, medium and large planter. The are made from a high quality resin-weave, are UV-resistant and anti-fade so will last outdoors in all weather conditions.

Although they look large to fill this is deceiving, there is a plastic pot which sits inside the planter so the base is empty and you only need a little soil to fill the smaller inserts. Each planter has handle holes on each plant pot so once filled you can move around the garden easily.

I have actually weighted the bottom of my planters down with broken bricks as I have some placed in my front garden and sadly people are rather light fingered around here and I don’t want them to go missing…this of course wont stop them but it will help deter a quick get away.

There are a lovely way to instantly add colour into a garden with minimal effort, easy to set up as they come pre assembled and you can move them around the garden as you please.

The bottom of each plastic insert pot has a small round drainage hole in the middle, I think it would be better if there were more holes so they can drain evenly however I guess you could drill these in yourselves with a little effort.

You can plant whatever you wish, change seasonally or even plant up evergreen plants for all year round foliage.

There are available in brown or black and are currently on offer for £199 for a set of 3.

Disclaimer:  received these items in exchange for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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One thought on “Making the garden pretty again

  1. We’re just in the process of turning our neglected jungle into a family space for our little girl so think we’re a few years away from having planters lol they look lovely though xx

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