Mary Go-Round Limited Edition Carousel Pony Zelf

I’ve mentioned recently just how much Emmy loves anything collectable, if she can tick them from a collection sheet or swap them with friends then she is happy and she doesn’t care what she collects really just that she has more than some of her friends. I was always the same though and one of her loves currently are the Zelf dolls, very much like the Troll dolls I used to collect as a child.
Zelf’s are little hard bodied dolls around the size of your hand which all have their own accessories and personalities as well as long style-able hair.

Alongside this collection your are able to send off for a Limited Edition Mary Go-Round Carousel Pony Doll, these are limited to only 10,000 with only 400 of those being available in the UK.

Emmy was extremely lucky to get her hands on one of these dolls and has been over the moon to have something her friends don’t yet have.

This is an adorably cute doll half Zelf and half Pony/unicorn.  With a pink body and turquoise legs this limited edition Zelf has a pink brushable tail and white and pink hair which can be brushed and styled.

Ultra Rare Limited Edition Mary Go-Round Zelf, series 6
This doll comes complete with a hair brush, lucky horse shoe and a token showing your limited edition number.  Emmy has number 2368.  There is also a collectors sheet so you can check off your collection.

This latest Zelf series are series 6 which are available to purchase over on the Character website from £5.99 each.  This series has 18 Zelf’s to collect as well as a Rare Edition which can be redeemed for FREE once you have spent £30 on 2016 Zelf dolls – you can read all the t&cs here and send off for your limited edition Mary Go-Round Pony Zelf.

Disclaimer:  We received this toy in exchange for this post, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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