Matilda Mae Memorial Auction – Please help

As you will know, very sadly on 2nd February a very beautiful 9 month old went to sleep and heartbreakingly grew her angel wings that very night.

Matilda Mae, the daughter of fellow blogger Jennie ( touched us all.  We followed Jennie’s pregnancy, Tilda’s birth and her very short life.  It is a tragedy which shouldn’t happen, no parent should have to face that nightmare and while we can’t change what has happened we can use it to help others. 

Which is what the Matilda Mae Memorial Auction is all about, raising money to go toward The Lullaby Trust.

There are loads of wonderful prizes so please help by bidding and spreading the word.

MMMA is open!
(click on the badge above to straight to the Auction site)
I am bidding on a few items myself and have donated a prize.  Together we will all make sure this beautiful angel is NEVER forgotten and her legacy helps others too.  Happy bidding everyone.

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