Milestones: Emmy had her ears pierced

Since the age of 2 Emmy has been asking for earrings, some of her Pre-School friends had them and of course I wear them too, as does both of her Nanny’s.
Of course 2 was way too young and I told her she had to wait.
She never stopped asking.
On her 3rd birthday she asked.
On her 4th birthday she asked.
Again recently she asked and I told her that if she wanted them still, once school was over she could.
That was last week and of course she asked again.
Nanny Knitting had said all along that she wanted to pay for Emmy’s earrings, having 3 boys this is something she missed out on during their childhood.
We had planned that Wednesday would be the day.
I had prepared Emmy, talked her though what happens, that she needs to sit still.
She knew it would hurt and she couldn’t take them out for 6 weeks.
We watched Youtube videos of girls her age having them pierced, most cried.
I needed her to understand fully what would happen – not to scare her but to prepare her.
The day came and off we went.
I chose a local Jewellers with a very good reputation.
Sadly we arrived at 12.30pm only to find out they don’t do piercings between 12 and 3pm so we went off to lunch.
After lunch an excited Emmy was ready.
I signed the forms, she chose her earrings and was ready.
Waiting and choosing her earrings

Preparation – cleaning and marking the position
2 ears being done together – holding Mummy’s hands


She was SO brave.  She smiled the whole time and there were NO tears.  She giggled afterwards – You could tell it had hurt however she didn’t say.
Emmy was more intent with showing us all and looking in the mirror.  My very brave big girl.
Cleaning instructions were then given as well as a bottle of cleaning solution.
Emmy received a bravery certificate as well as a little teddy. 
Have you faced the ear piercing dilemma yet?  And at what age did you let your children have them done?

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7 thoughts on “Milestones: Emmy had her ears pierced

  1. My daughter used to ask me all the time if she could have her ears pierced, but I wanted her to wait until she was at least 10 or 11 years old and old enough to take care of her pierced ears herself. By then the novelty had worn off and she never asked again. She's 15 now and still has unpierced ears. Your Emmy's earrings look very pretty on her. And good for you, Clare, for waiting until you felt she was ready to have pierced ears and she was able to ask you herself. 🙂 I don't understand why some parents get their baby's ears pierced. I think it's barmy. My mom gave me the choice and I had my ears pierced for my 10th birthday (after years of begging her of course). x

  2. Emmy was a very brave girl! I won't let my daughter have them done because my own experience was terrible. The piercing itself was of course fine but the healing (or lack of it) afterwards was terrible. I have never been able to wear earrings of any kind either because they instantly react and make my lobes hurt and itch. So I can't risk the same for LissyLou until she is much much older. She isn't interested yet anyway, it would be a lot harder if she was!

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