Milking Mummy like a cow as Emmy likes to call it – Review

Sorry about the title, it’s a phase that has stuck ever since Emmy first saw me using a breast pump for the first time.

I breast fed Emmy and was determined to do the same with Harry however for the first time I’ve experienced problem after problem.  He has had Oral Thrush since 3 weeks old and it refuses despite 3 courses of treatment for us both to go and I’ve also had Mastitis which I never experienced with Emmy.

I had a manual breast pump with Emmy and it worked well but I have been unable to get on with it this time around – funny how somethings work with one child and not the next it would appear my boobs were no exception to this rule.

Tommee Tippee came to my rescue and sent me an electric breast pump to use and it has been a life saver.  That may sound rather over-kill but feeding through our second growth spurt it really feels like it, as it means I can express some when (and if) Harry goes to sleep and Paul can take over some of the feeding and both Nanny’s can give him a bottle and be involved when they come over, and has meant I could have a few drinks over Christmas and New year too.

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What’s in the box?
Breast Pump
Closer to Nature Easi-vent 150ml Bottle
1 Milk storage pot
6 disposable breast pads
Microwave steriliser box

The pump only has 3 separate pieces which means when it comes time to sterilise it and clean it is really easy to do so.

The pump comes with instructions but to be honest I haven’t read them, there hasn’t been a need to and I’m more of a trial and error type of girl and if that doesn’t work them I read the instructions.

I popped the bottle into my normal microwave steriliser which I had from when I had Emmy which also happens to be a Tommee Tippee one, added 200ml of water and put on for 4 minutes then it was ready to use.

Once plugged in and attached to the bottle you can use – making sure the cup is placed fully over the breast so no air can get in then you turn it on using the light mode until let-down occurs then switch to the mode which is most comfortable, I find number 3 best for me as it encourages the milk fastest and I have been able to express fastest and most effectively.  Using this I can currently able to express 3/4 oz per side meaning I have been able to start stock piling milk into the freezer ready for a hen weekend later on this year.

Having used both manual and electric pumps now I would highly recommend the electric pump as I am now expressing far more than I ever did with Emmy and means I can nurse through these growth spurts and have a rest too.  This pump is priced at £99.99 which is obviously more than a manual pump but it is far more effective so worth the money.

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