Minding my own business than BAM!

I’ve very proud of my driving record.
Touch wood since passing my test I’ve had no speeding fines, no points on my licence and my record is completely clean!  (Touch wood that never changes).  Now I have had a parking ticket however I was able to appeal that one as I had actually purchased a ticket in the car park, it had just fallen off of the windscreen, I appealed and I won.
That’s not to say I’ve never been in an accident.
I’ve had 3 crashes.  None my fault and each time the car behind has driven into me.
Two of these have been at roundabouts where I have stopped and was waiting for a clear space before I carried on driving.
The first was when I was on my way to college, it was in my first ever car – a Nissan Micra, there was no damage to my car at all however the other car wasn’t so lucky.  It was a newer car and crumpled beyond repair, so much so it needed towing away there and then.  My Micra was amazing, no damage at all infact I had even knocked down a brickwall with it weeks before – I reversed into a wall, and not just any wall – my parents front garden wall.  (OK, yes technically this is an accident but I mean ones where other cars and people are involved).  I was living at home at the time and we had a split gated driveway, having not long past my test I would park on the road and dad would reverse the car in for me.  Well one night I decided I had to try for myself, it didn’t end well at all.  I took half of the wall out in one go – but the good news was I was then able to park easily on the driveaway after that as the whole wall came down.
Stop laughing, I can hear you – I was 17 and it was dark – that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.
The second was also at a roundabout, the lady behind me turned around to check on her daughter and crashed into my car.  We both happened to have 2 year old girls in the car – I was a Nanny at the time and had my charge with me.  No one was hurt at all.  I had lights broken on my car and the boot wouldn’t open but all was fixable.  I took K to the doctors to get checked over but all was fine.
Now my last crash did result in injury, to myself.  Having miscarried in the morning, upset I went to work early so I could get Emmy to have a sleep in the car and so I could collect my thoughts and compose myself.  I was collecting a little boy from Nursery.  I was parked up in the school car park, car stopped and keys out.  Emmy was asleep in the back of the car and I had my eyes closed trying my best not to cry, to compose myself.
The next thing I knew was a very loud bang and then another.
My car had been hit from behind by a car which then shunted mine forwards into another car.  I wasn’t close to the car infront of me.
Because I was parked I had my seatbelt off and was thrown forwards and then backwards, hitting my head on the windscreen.
Thankfully Nursery wasn’t finished yet as there would have been children walking around the carpark and I honestly dread to think what could have happened.
My car ended up being written off completely, car seats needed changing as is the policy with any crashes (I changed them after the pervious crashes too).  To look at my car looked fine however the boot buckled and would open and there was a large crack to both front and back bumpers as well as to the rear chassis, lights were broken and other bits which meant fixing it would cost more than the car was worth.
I was actually fine until around 5 days later then I couldn’t move my lower back, arm or my neck.  Whiplash had set in and the pain was something I hadn’t experienced before however I had been told to expect it, what I hadn’t been warned about was that I could end up needing physio for months after, which I did.  I had done some lasting damage to my wrist and my neck.  Months after the crash I found myself having to search companies who dealt with personal injury claims.  There were many around such as Leo Claims and many who actually rang up wanting me to claim, even before I was advised to do so.  In the end I went with a company via my insurance company, they did everything for me.
My reason for claiming was that I was having to pay out for Physio myself and at £19 a session and needing at least two sessions a week it was becoming expensive.  I was offered NHS Physio however I couldn’t get this straight away, I needed to see the hospital team then await an appointment – I went down this route too, however the wait for the initial hospital appointment was 8 weeks, by that point I had been seeing a great Physio and there was still a long wait for the other NHS treatment.
Claiming itself isn’t easy and I believe it shouldn’t be either, I had lots of forms to fill in and had to see an independent medical examiner about 3 times, as well as take my doctors reports with me.  This is to stop pointless and fake claims.  I did receive a payout for this accident.
Touch wood that is my last ever crash….I do hope so.  It’s not a nice experience that’s for sure.  Paul is the opposite to me – in his younger boy racer days, he managed to write off 3 cars in the space od one week!  Not a record to be proud!!
Have you ever been in an accident? Were you at fault and were you hurt?



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  1. I've been crashed into from behind and suffered whiplash as a result and it's horrible isn't it. I dread anything happening whilst I have my two in the car. Having worked at PI Solicitors for a number of years I think it is only right people should be able to claim for lost monies when the accident wasn't their fault.

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