Mini Tartlets for the Kiddies

Emmy has been very poorly recently so hasn’t eaten much so I have been keeping to her all time favourites (scrambled eggs, soft boiled eggs, fish pie and yogurts) in a bid to help her at least eat a little, it worked and her appetite has returned now so I decided to try something new to her.

I find that when trying something new with Emmy it is best to get her involved and as she loves cooking she was more than happy to help

Armed with her new birthday presents Sammy Spoon & Bertie Bowl as well as Rocco rolling pin from The Kids Cooking Company we set about making tonight’s dinner.

We were making a Bacon, Tomato & Cheese tart but I suddenly thought it would be more fun for Emmy if we made some mini tarts as well.

What you need:
For large tart-
Shortcrust pastry (I used store brought but you could make your own)
4-5 rashers of bacon, trimmed and chopped
3 eggs
250ml milk
2 Tomatoes
handful of grated cheese

For the mini tarts –
Shortcrust pastry
1 pre-cooked sausage
Handful of grated cheese
2 eggs
175ml milk

First I asked Emmy to grease the dish and cake tray with some butter, whilst she was doing this I quickly fried the bacon until it was just cooked, then left it to cool. (pre-heat the oven to 220 at this point).

She then helped to roll out the pastry (she did need help but enjoyed herself).

I then lined the tart dish and Emmy then cut out circles which I used to line the cake tray.  Emmy then had free rein to fill the tartlets as she wanted, she had the chopped sausage, chopped mushrooms & cheese.  Once she had we then used her bowl & spoon to mix together the beaten eggs and milk which I then poured into the tarts.

For the large tart we did exactly the same filling the tart with the cooked bacon, cheese, egg mixture then the sliced tomatoes.

We cook the mini tarts 15 minutes until the egg mixture was firm and the pastry golden.  The larger tart took longer – I  had to just keen checking to see when the mixture firmed, it took around 35 minutes.

Once cooled we served with new potatoes and salad.  Here is Emmy dinner which she made herself.

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