Minnie Mouse Bowtique Polka Dot Jet #Review

Emmy was recently sent the new Minnie Mouse Bowtique Polka Dot Jet to play with and as it arrived while she was at school Harry got in there first.
What’s in the box:
2 wings
Minnie mouse
Daisy duck
2 suitcases
3 removable chairs
Drinks trolley
Hair dryer

Minnie Mouse, Fisher Price, Minnie Mouse Bowtique Polka Dot Jet Set, Review,


Putting the plane together is really easy, push the wings into place and you’re done.
The seats are easily popped into place and removed just as easily.  The hair dryer clips onto the back of any chair.
For Minnie and Daisy to board the plane you pull out the steps from wing and the cabin opens from the side.
Minnie and Daisy can be moved up and down the plane, move the trolley around or even pilot the plane…don’t forget their suitcase before take off though.
Slightly disappointing is that neither characters fit into the seats properly,  they can be perched on them but fall off constantly – it would be nice if the seats were a little bigger so they could actually fit on them.
I like the fact the plane is on wheels and can be pushed around,  this makes the toy a hit with Emmy and Harry who both love moving it around.

Harry likes opening and closing the doors and Emmy loves to take the characters for a fly around the front room.

Minnie Mouse, Fisher Price, Minnie Mouse Bowtique Polka Dot Jet Set, Review,

Decorated in Minnie’s favourite colours Pink with White polka dots and featuring her signature bow – this is a lovely toys which gets played with loads in our house.


Disclaimer:  We received this item for review, all thoughts and opinions are our own.  The above link is an affiliate link for convenience.

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