Introducing ‘Mission Adventure’ – a monthly adventure subscription for kids

Mission Adventure subscription box

All our regular readers will know just how much we love being outdoors as a family, we enjoy walks, climbing trees and just getting outside as much as we can.

Anything to get the children active and away from their screens always gets my vote so when we were introduced to a brand new subscription box for children aged 7-11 years we couldn’t wait to try it out.

The Mission Adventure subscription box is like no other, ALL proceeds from these subscription boxes go to The Royal British Legion! That’s right – 100% of the proceeds go to the charity which helps to provide lifelong support to the Armed Forces community.

Not only that but these boxes also help to teach children life skills so they can have their own adventures, like navigation and bushcraft.

Emmy and Harry both eagerly opened their boxes which were addressed to them. The boxes fit through the letterbox so there is no need to wait in for the delivery each month.

Inside the box

As these are monthly subscription boxes they will be different every month. This months box includes:

  • An introduction letter explaining that there are 3 fun missions in this pack and that you will learn a new skill – this month it is navigation
  • A compass
  • An activity book
  • A tracker sheet – this is to put on your stickers once you’ve completed this month’s tasks
  • Navigation stickers – you earn a sticker for each task completed (3 in total)
  • Skill stickers – these are given when the workbook/activity book is completed – almost like gaining a badge in Cubs or Brownies.

Navigation Activities

Emmy couldn’t wait to get started working through her activity book, with her book in one hand and her compass in the other so quickly began reading through what she was to do.

It starts by introducing children to the compass, explaining how it works and giving some fun facts.

Next, it goes on to show you just how you can make your own compass using things you will find at home – water, paper clip, cork, magnet and tape.  Emmy really enjoyed making her own and then testing to see if it actually worked – it took a few minutes but it soon pointed to North and she checked this against her compass.

There are pages in the activity book where you can draw in, each page giving you your instructions clearly.

It then goes onto teaching you how to make your own Navigation guide or treasure map as Harry preferred to call it.  Emmy really enjoyed using her compass to plot out and write down the coordinates, using small toys as clues and markers along the way. We took it in turns to hide ‘treasure’ and then to create a guide spending at least an hour wandering around the house counting footsteps and using the compass to guide us to our ‘treasures’ – we used sweets but you can, of course, use anything.

The last activity in the book is a game, it teaches you how to play capture the flag, this is actually a game we’ve played a few times over the summer and the kids enjoy but does work best with a few more players.

Lastly, the activity book teaches the children about the explorer Ernest Shackleton.


This really is a lovely little subscription box for children, perfectly aimed at Emmy’s age (almost 9), with enough fun facts and explanation to keep her interested without it going over her head.

The games and activities are all aimed at doing things together which was lovely to see and she really enjoyed working them out, showing me and joining in. Both children had a great time hiding items to be discovered and learning to make their own navigation maps.

While younger children, such as Harry (aged 6), would struggle to read the booklet they can still draw their pictures and join in with making the compass, plotting maps and playing the games. Harry was easily able to write out the coordinates for his navigation maps himself, although did need a little help reading the compass directions.

We all loved this subscription box and it is one we will definitely pay to carry on with, and of course, the proceeds all go to such an amazing charity – The British Legion.

You can sign up to receive your Mission Adventure boxes on the website – By entering the code EMMYHARRY you can get 50% off your first box. The prices of a Mission Adventure subscription box is £7.99 per month, which you can cancel at any time.

Disclaimer: We received our boxes in exchange for this post, as always, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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