Money saving on back to school items + downloadable checklist

September is creeping around quickly and if you haven’t started the back to school shopping yet, then don’t worry you certainly aren’t alone.

Many of us parents leave it until 2 weeks before heading back to school until we even think about what is needed for the new school year. My reasons for doing this is the kids are growing like weeds and over the course of 6 weeks they could easily shoot up a foot – it has been known especially with the amount of swimming in the sunshine they have been doing recently, and if I had sorted their school shoes at the start of summer they wouldn’t fit by the 6th September when they go back – both have grown a whole shoe size over the holidays.

MyVoucherCodes have asked me to see how much I could save on my back to school shopping, and to make things even easier they have all their back to school offers on one page so there’s no having to hunt around for offers, as let’s face it, towards the end of the summer holidays who has the energy left for that, and I certainly don’t have energy left to run around every shop searching out the best savings.

To make things easier I thought it would be helpful to make a list of back to school items us parents will be searching for, a checklist to help you out. And because I am super nice I have made this a downloadable checklist which you can all use, just double click the image below to print/download:

Now to see how much I could save myself on the items I still need to get.

Thankfully I don’t need all of the above items and a lot of the kids clothes do still fit – thankfully I always buy a size bigger than they need in the hopes they last a little longer.

I do still need white polo-shirts for both children as many of the stains although soaked in various different stain removers haven’t shifted and are now a yellowy white colour, cardigans for Emmy and school trousers for her (she prefers to wear trousers so she can skip, run around and climb trees without flashing her underwear) trousers for Harry as his are half way up his ankles and they both need school shoes.

Some of the deals I will be looking at from the MyVoucherCodes website are:

What could I save? I had a look at the school shoes first, looking in each of the shoe stores listed above and searching for plain back school shoes for Emmy and Harry. Emmy is a size 2.5/3 and Harry a size 1.2/2.

Clarks Shoes: The 20% off offer gives you the money off of sports shoes if you buy full priced children’s shoes – I am able to choose a pair of school shoes for Emmy at £36.00 and if I then choose plain black trainers for Harry’s school shoes for £38 the price reduces from £38.00 to £30.40 which gives me a total saving of £7.60, I also get free delivery as would have spent over £50 which usually cost £5.95.

M&S offers free delivery on school wear which usually costs £3.50 for standard delivery. Here you can find everything you will need school uniform wise, with a pack of 2 school tights costing just £3 and a pack of 3 polo shirts available from £7 for the smaller sizes to £15 for a multi-pack of 3 larger sizes.

You’ll also find a Smiggle offer on the website, which I’m pretty sure you’ll all find rather handy! Emmy could spend a fortune in there given half a chance.

These are just a few of the savings which could be made, of course it is always worth checking out the deals before purchasing however having all of them available on one page does save the time of searching around yourself and leaving the house, which when I am shopping with the kids ALWAYS adds a LOT more money to our bills – drinks, snacks, sweets and items they suddenly NEED are often added.

Do you still need to go back to school shopping are you one of the super organised ones?

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