Mookie Pillow Pets Giveaway – Blog Anniversary Celebrations

For our next prize Mookie Toys have kindly donated an Original Pillow Pets of your choice.

There are lots of cheap imatations of these around but nothing compares to the Originals by Mookie Toys.  These soft cuddly pets are a friend and a pillow all-in-one – ideal for sleep overs at friends or grand parents houses or as Emmy does just as an everyday pillow.

Emmy has the Panda, however given the choice I’m sure she would choose one of each pet to give a home too.

Which would you choose?  Ladybird, Puppy, Bee, Penguin, Unicorn (which is my personal favourite),  Monkey or Pig?

For your chance to win a Pillow Pet of your choice please fill in the Rafflecopter form below, this competition will end at Midnight on 28th July.  Good Luck

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110 thoughts on “Mookie Pillow Pets Giveaway – Blog Anniversary Celebrations

  1. It would have to be the Ladybird for us, my little lady is convinced she is Ben elf from 'Ben & Holly's little kingdom!!

  2. monkey or puppy would have to have him choose by a picture of them both to see what he likes the most he is a monkey himself but he loves dogs!!

  3. If it was for me it would be the penguin but the kids always pick up the bee when we see them in stores so I would go with BEE

  4. I'd choose the ladybird… to match my daughter's ladybird cycle helmet… and the ladybirds she insists on bring in from the garden…!

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