Morning Routines #MorningStories

Mornings here thankfully are our peaceful times.  Emmy only attends Nursery in the afternoons, except for Thursdays when she attends all day.
This means that currently (except for that Thursday) we are generally calm and relaxed.
Our day starts around 6.15am when generally Harry wakes up first – we read a few stories in his cot before heading downstairs for Milk and a biscuit.  It’s far too early for breakfast then and he will not eat it so he is happy with a cookie until around 8am.
Emmy wakes up around 7.30am and brings herself downstairs singing.
She also has a cup of milk and a cookie.  I try to grab a cup of coffee, if they allow.
We watch CBeebies for a while and read stories.
Breakfast is around 8am.  The children usually have a choice between Weetabix, Cheerios, Ready Brek or toast.  I like to let them choose themselves as there is more chance of them actually eating.
Once Breakfast is over – often with a battle of wills and me losing miserably (getting them to eat in the mornings is a battle), we then set up an activity for the morning.  This differs every day to stop them getting bored.
If I am feeling organised the night before I like to set up an ‘invitation to play’ – this is an activity already set up for them to explore or play without instruction.
Anything from:
  • Cars and a cardboard road laid out
  • Train track
  • Playdough
  • A play picnic
  • Lego – I set up scenes for them or make houses
  • Farm
  • Zoo
  • Seesaw brought inside from the garden
Anything which is already for them to play with makes them happy, and I love seeing their faces when they come downstairs and their toy is ready for them to play.
Seeing to the children and ensuring the dog is also walked before school leaves me with little time to eat breakfast myself. 
Luckily belVita have sent some of their breakfast biscuits to try out, now I’ve never been keen on breakfast so the idea of a biscuit for breakfast is rather appealing.
Having tried these I can say I wasn’t very keen on the Fruit & Fibre ones however the Creamy Live Yogurt is definitely my favourite.  Teamed with a Costa Latte is a perfect combination.
belVita biscuits are the only breakfast biscuit proven to slowly release carbohydrates over four hours* a balanced breakfast for example, a serving of belVita breakfast biscuits, a portion of fruit, a serving of dairy and a drink! (*proven in several clinical studies)
I really don’t do breakfast but I would be happy to eat these instead of my nothing which is normal for me until around 11am.
Our day starts to get busy around 10.30am.  I need to get Emmy changed for School and had her lunch by 11.15am.  It’s far too early for lunch however we need to leave for the school run at 11.30am so all need to be finished by then.  It’s for this reason I don’t force Emmy into eating her breakfast, she eats some and if it’s not a lot then I will ensure she has a good lunch instead.
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3 thoughts on “Morning Routines #MorningStories

  1. Oh, what a lovely morning you use to spend with your babies!! I know it is difficult to let them eat something for breakfast…especially because they are sooooo asleep! πŸ˜‰ Though they are both able (4 and 6 yrs old) to use the mug, I must be honest……I let them drink their milk+biscuits still in the "baby-bottle"!!!… πŸ™ I know I am not a good mother in this way…. πŸ™ But we really have such a little time!! The older one has to be in his classroom for 07.50 am. and the other one has to go to the kindergarten for 08.30 am…. They both like this breakfast, of course! πŸ˜‰ My husband and I wake up at 6.00 am, have short breakfast with coffee and some biscuits, and then call the babies… We're always in a hurry…. so, I like reading your story about your morning daily life…. Thank you for sharing <3

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