Mother’s Day Gift Guide – what Mum’s (me) really want

Each year Mother’s Day is almost a last minute affair, I’m not sure why – it’s not like we don’t all know it’s the last Sunday in March, but every year it’s left until a week before (or the day before) to grab a ‘perfect’ gift for your loved one – whether that is your own Mother, your Mother-in-Law, Step-Mum or the Mother of your children.

Chocolates are purchased in the supermarket along with an over price bunch of flowers in a ditch attempt to look like you’ve remembered in time and put some thought into it – but really we kid no-one.

Here is a list of FREE things which you can do for that someone special, something the kids can even help with, and of course I’ll leave you with a gift guide of items I know will go down well with Mum’s (certainly this Mum…*Wink Wink*)

Free Mother’s Day gifts:

  • A lie-in – never easy when you are a Mum but another half an hour would be amazing, an hour is you really want to spoil us!
  • Breakfast in bed – a luxury long missed as a Mother, nothing too elaborate, just hot tea/coffee and toast would be amazing. A McDonald’s breakfast if you are pushing the boat out
  • To watch a film of Mummy’s choosing – Yes we love Sing! too and Moana but maybe we could watch The Jungle Book today, or head to the cinema to see Beauty and the Beast?
  • Pick your clothes up off of the floor – just for one day at least? Of course everyday would be amazing but I won’t push my luck
  • A bath without the Rubber Ducky – Please, Mummy really doesn’t need a bath full of toys, really she doesn’t – OK maybe just one duck then
  • Homework done without arguments – please just go with me on this one, it’s really not that bad, and the less you argue the quicker it is done!
  • Lets spend some time together – It’s not all about meals, flowers and presents – lets go for a walk or play a board game and have some fun
  • Rubbish in the bin – really is it too much to ask?
  • Read to me – I love that you are so brilliant at reading, I love the time we spend together – let’s read a story together
  • A homemade drawing or card – I love nothing more than seeing the cards and drawings you make at home or at school, forget the shop ones and make me a special card instead which I can keep forever

And if you really want to get me a gift, here are a few hints:


Botanist Gin

This fascinating, delicious gin is from the windswept heather hills, peat bogs and Atlantic shores of the island. Blended with skill, these elements are beautifully balanced in this fragrant and floral gin. Buy from Waitrose for £36.99 

Valdobbiadene Prosecco Spumante Superiore DOCG – £7.99 Aldi

Light and refreshing with pleasing bubbles, attractive autumn fruits and delicate floral touches makes this an easy drinking bottle of fizz. Try it in this cocktail for something extra special…

Jamberry – Nail wraps and applicator kit

As a busy mum it can be very hard to find the time to head to the nail salon for a tidy up, polish or even acrylics to be applied, these nail wraps are all the rage currently, easy to apply and last longer than traditional polishes.  With so many designs to choose from it may be impossible to stick with just one –

iFit Vue

The iFit Vue is the perfect product for the fitness and fashion conscious. The Vue acts like a personal trainer on the wrist – offering advice on activity, diet, and sleep. The Vue also gives real-time reminders by the way of gentle vibrations on the wrist to alert you when you’ve been idle for too long.

The Vue provides a complete picture of users’ daily fitness at the touch of a finger, including steps, distance, calories burned, and sleep. The Vue is available now (RRP £99) at

  • The iFit Vue gives users a fresh perspective on fitness, helping those on-the-go keep track of their busy lifestyle.
  • The Vue’s bright OLED display and touchscreen technology also suits the tech and style conscious. Available in two colour options, including blue/black and sangria pink.
  • Calorie logging enables users to quickly log calories consumed in directly on the watch, displaying real-time net calories statistics.
  • The Vue also offers smartphone notifications and iFit app connectivity.

Personalised Floral Bouquet Scented candle – £12.99

Personalised Floral Bouquet Mother’s Day Scented Jar Candle. Just light the wick and this glorious jar candle will fill the room with delicious scents. The delightful pink floral design with the mixed font greeting will appeal to the most discerning of Mums and you can also add your very own personalised message. 

Personalise the front of the candle jar with 2 lines of personalisation up to 30 characters per line which appears below the fixed text ‘HAPPY Mother’s DAY’. available from

The Mills & Boon Modern Guide to Turning into Your Mother – £6.99

Have you ever opened your moth and your Mother came out? Don’t worry you aren’t alone, I often say something to the kids and then stop dead in my tracks as I realise my Mother used to say exactly the same thing to me – Mother’s do know best after all.

Drawing on Mills & Boon’s heritage and experience of over 100 years’ publishing for women, the Mills & Boon Modern Girl’s Guides contain vital advice every woman needs to survive the modern world. With the trend for parody humour guides set to continue into 2017, the Mills & Boon Modern Girl’s Guides bring together nostalgic black and white archive photographs of twentieth century women with witty twenty first century commentary from a dynamic writing duo under the pen-name Ada Adverse. These beautifully produced hardbacks are the perfect gift on Mother’s Day


Soft as Silk 3-in-1 Instant Pedi – £34.99

With sandals weather fast approaching us ladies want to make sure our feet are flip-flop ready after a long winter wearing boots. The new express pedicure system is the fastest and easiest way to remove tough, dry skin from your feet in seconds. The powerful motor and gearing ensures a professional smooth finish each time, meaning summer ready soles and visibly softer skin after the first use.

Indigo De-Stress and Unwind Well-being Gift Set – £19.99

A wonderful little kit with all you need to sooth, relax and unwind

  • Chamomile Flowers Tea (50g)
  • 100ml De-Stress and Unwind massage oil blend from the Indigo Botanicals range
  • 1 x Red/green strawberry shaped tea infuser
  • 10ml pure De-Stress and Unwind oil blend from the Indigo Botanicals range
  • Only 100% pure botanical ingredients
  • Aroma description of De-Stress and Unwind Essential Oil: green, menthol, zesty

LSA Polka Wine Glasses – Pastels – Set of 4 – £29.50

Perfect for any party, this stunning gift set of 4 pastel coloured wine glasses bring a vintage glamour to any occasion. The LSA Polka Wine Glasses are each hand finished in an iridescent lustre that resembles a pearl sheen.

This set of four glasses include, sky blue, pastel pink, mint green and citrus yellow colours and make a beautiful gift to give for any occasion. Each glass is perfectly made and balanced from mouth blown glass.

Perfect with any wine, these rainbow coloured glasses make a unique and eye-catching impression at any dinner party, whilst spreading a bit of colour around a room when people take their drinks and mingle.

NoLoGo-chic – Chocolate meets designer chic for Mother’s Day

Renowned fashion designer Tina Malhamé has teamed up with James Cadbury, the dashing descendant of George Cadbury – founder of the Bournville empire to produce a bespoke Mother’s Day surprise for no more than a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

The Mother’s Day capsule ​c​ollection by NoLoGo offers a choice of hand block printed nightwear in gentle colours of milky white, powder blue and sleepy pink, personally designed by Tina Malhamé. Each luxury garment is presented in its own voile bag with a ​tasselled ribbon fastener​. As an extra special Mother’s Day treat all nightwear orders will come with a beautifully wrapped bar of James Cadbury’s artisan chocolate, made by new company Love Cocoa – just enter the PROMO code of SweetDreams1 at checkout.



*PR Collaboration*

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