Mr Bloom’s Nursery Live Review

There are very few TV shows which both Emmy and Harry share an equal love of, their age gap albeit small has become very obvious in their viewing habits with Emmy now showing a fondness for older and girlie shows such as Mia and Me, LEGO friends, Barbie and H2O, Harry is enjoying those more geared towards the younger audience such as Dora the Explorer, Thomas the Tank Engine, Paw Patrol and Max & Ruby – they do however still have an enforced ban of Horrid Henry in place.

One show they do happily watch together is Mr Bloom’s Nursery.

Last weekend we headed off to our local theatre to see this show live, Mr Bloom and his veggies are hitting theatres for the first time and you can see if they will be near to you by checking the website for tour venues and dates here.

The show opens with Mr Bloom and his veggies heading back from their holiday to the allotment which is looking a little unkempt after them being away from a 2 week break.

While unpacking the car and beginning to tidy the place up they open the post which has piled up – this is always my first job after a holiday too – only to discover a very important letter from King Edward foretelling of his impending royal visit, and as you can probably guess, when they check the date his visit is that day.

Cue panic all around as they then all have the job of tiding up the place before he arrives.

Audience participation is actively encouraged throughout this live stage show and Ben Faulks, who plays Mr Bloom does an amazing job of getting the children up off their seats, singing and dancing along with the songs.

With songs you’ll know and love from the show combined with a little Panto style action of ‘it’s behind you’ and ‘over there’ the kids all loved the show.

Parents, you’ll be encouraged to join in too and if your kids are like mine they’ll be listening to make sure you do just that!

This show is suitable for all CBeebies aged children, I would say Emmy is now at the upper end of it’s age bracket but she joined in and had just as much fun as Harry.

It is a shorter show than many stage shows as it is geared towards a younger audience, so don’t worry if your child doesn’t sit still for very long as this is split up with an interval break of 20 minutes, and of course the children are allowed to get up and dance around in their seats – and theatre depending, in front of the stage which is what always happens at our local theatre The Spotlight in Broxbourne.

The production company behind this tour is Munchkin Entertainment, a new production company focussing on high quality theatrical entertainment for children. Founded by Laura Taylor.

Of course, the veggies and Mr Bloom manage to tidy up everywhere in time for the royal visit which goes very well and a new friend is made and welcomed back anytime.

Mr Bloom's Nursery Live Review

For details of tour dates and prices please visit the website: or you can follow over on Facebook and Twitter.

Disclaimer: We received tickets to the show in exchange for an honest review.


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