Mr Tumble’s Circus is coming your way….

The Circus is coming to Town, and not just any old Circus – Mr Tumble’s Circus!
Emmy as a Toddler was always obsessed with Mr Tumble, she loved the show and it soon became part of our bedtime routine.
She saw Justin live on stage at Lollibops in 2013 and was instantly star struck, it’s impossible not to be really he captures the children with his boundless energy and puts 110% into his performances.  Even as parents we enjoyed the show.
Harry was still very small then so didn’t get the benefit of this performance, however when attending Lollibops last year he was desperate to get up close to the stage, he was up on his feet dancing and clapping and singing away.
Since then he has been Mr Tumble obsessed, he love the programmes even more than Emmy did and has really taken to signing in a big way – he will often come out with “You sign friends, good friends” and will use the correct sign language , or “you sign…..” whenever he sees something he knows the signs for.
It is incredibly cute.
Now the children are going to be extremely excited next weekend as we are all off to Wembley to see Justin and Friends: Mr Tumble’s Circus, but shhhh don’t tell them as it’s a surprise.
I will tell you all about it though, just as long as you can keep a secret! 
The CBeebies Live show Mr Tumble’s Circus is all set to begin touring venues across the county.
Catch Mr Tumble – as well as a host of other Tumbles from Something Special, including Aunt Polly and Grandad Tumble!
See Cat Sandion and Swashbuckle presenter Gem, in their first CBeebies Live! show, along with the adventurous Andy Day!
But uh‑oh! Mr Tumble’s Circus is delayed en route! The CBeebies mega‑stars with the help of Gigglebiz favourites, including Keith Fitt, Dina Lady, Gale Force and Arthur Sleep – must swing into action and save the day! In doing so, they discover that they too have some pretty amazing talents as well!

But with Robert The Robot insisting that everyone do their chores and Little Monster just wanting to cause mayhem and mischief… Will Justin and the CBeebies stars help get Mr Tumble’s Circus to town on time?

Tour Dates and times can be found at


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